Want To Capture Trendy Selfies? Consider These 9 Shades For Men & Women

It is that time of the year again folks when the sun is shining upon our heads and we are itching to pack our bags and head towards pleasant sunny weather with a cool breeze by the beach or on the snowy slopes of a hill station.  

It is especially these Instagram-worthy places that compel one to take a trendy selfie of theirs and upload on their social media accounts. Now, what is the best way to make the most out of a picturesque location for a selfie? Simply, get yourself brand new fashionable branded sunglasses that suit your face to the T! And say hello to digital stardom! 

If you take a look at it, there are zillions of options available for both men and women in sunglasses online. From cool aviators to dashing wayfarers for men or from oversized square goggles to retro cat-eye shades for women, the choices are immense! 

So, how can one choose from one pair of sunglasses to another? Well, if you wish to put your best fashion foot forward this holiday season, we would advise you to take a look at our following list of trending sunglasses for men and women online. You can select any of these hot-in-demand sunglasses for a holiday weekend or a wedding function in your family or even a casual dine out with your friends. 

1. Aviator Sunglasses 

Now these sunglasses have become just ageless and timeless! You can find aviators part of every decade! In fact in the 80s and the 90s aviators became the norm of the hour. Their thin metal frame with reflective lenses is a trademark and can be recognized even from far off.  Trust me, girls and boys, you can never go wrong with aviator style sunglasses. Choose them in vivid colors of black, brown, blue, red or even yellow and you are set for a funky-looking pic! 


2. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ever seen a movie star from the 90s without their sunglasses? No, right! The classic black square shaped wayfarers were the in thing with both men and women in the 90s and the trend is still going strong even in the present day. Now that is some journey, right? These wayfarers are available in other bold colors and styles as well. Choose which  style suits your face the best! 


3. Round Sunglasses 

Turn your look around completely with round-shaped sunglasses in thick metal or acetate frames. They team up quite well with ethnic outfits especially lehengas in women if we must say! You can look like a cool bride or bridesmaid sporting uber-cool round sunglasses in pop colors. Gentlemen, round sunglasses can enhance your fashion statement by manifolds. So do consider them next time you venture out on a holiday. 


4. Clubmaster Sunglasses 

Clubmaster-style sunglasses for men have been around since the 50s and 60s. They are also known as browline sunglasses in the current times. You can get them in various colors and choose them according to your outfits as per the occasion. Add some retro spunk to your selfie with the clubmaster sunglasses


5. Wraparound Sunglasses

If you are into heavy duty sports, then it is time to shield your eyes from the sun with the wraparound sunglasses. Take a look at any famous sports celebrity and they will be wearing these sunglasses in various designs. Make a picture perfect pose with your super cool wraparound sunglasses available for both men and women online. 


6. Square Sunglasses 

If there is a type of sunglasses that offer versatility with style, then it has to be square shaped sunglasses for men and women.  Known to suit almost every face shape, these sunglasses add angles and structure to a round or oval face and create a mystical aura.


7. Oval Sunglasses 

Look super stylish in your selfie this season and start a new trend with the small oval sunglasses in thick monotone frames. They are comfortable, super cool and look good with both casual and formal looks. All in all a trendsetter for sure! 


8. Rectangle Sunglasses 

Bring attention to the centre of your face with rectangle-style sunglasses and add balance to your oblong or long facial features. Opt for retro, vintage, casual or various other styles to add that X factor to your trendy selfie. 


9. Hexagonal Sunglasses 

Stand out in your selfies with the not-so-traditional hexagonal sunglasses. Not everybody has the guts to sport this relatively newer style of sunglasses. And you have a chance to splash the internet with your hexagonal sunglasses featuring a selfie. Some call it fashions forward choice, we call it the ultimate trend-setting standard! 

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