6 Easy Tips The Pros Use For Choosing Correct Power Sunglasses That Lasts A Lifetime!

When you think about it, a pair of sunglasses seems like just one of those regular things that you need to buy. However, when one thinks about its relevance in our everyday lives, we realize that to protect our eyes from harmful UVA radiation, there is no better armor than these godsend sunglasses! One should really invest in a pair branded pair we must say. 

And now with the advent of technology, you get your eyeglasses and sunglasses rolled into one single frame as power sunglasses! So, all those people who were wearing prescription eyeglasses and complaining about how they cannot wear sunglasses at all times out in the sun, it is the end of your worries. With the introduction of power sunglasses, you have been given a blessing in disguise. Just choose your favorite style of sunglasses in your desired color and frame material and get them fitted with your prescription lenses. And you are all set to face the sun just like everybody else! 

Wearing sunglasses when you step outside is really essential as well. It helps protect your eyes from the harmful UV as well as UVB rays of the sun. It also helps protect the skin around your eyes from tearing up and act as a safeguard against your potential eye diseases like glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, cataract, melanoma etc. 

So, how can one choose the best power sunglasses for themselves? Well, there are some helpful tips and tactics used by the pros to zero in on the best power sunglasses for themselves as per their requirements. Take a look and learn 


1.      UV Protection 

First and foremost thing to look for in any sunglasses is how much UV protection they offer! We advise you to always opt for UV400 power sunglasses as they offer 100% protection from UV rays. One could also invest in wraparound or oversized sunglasses as they protect the skin around your eyes as well and help prevent skin cancer in the long run. 


2.      Brand Name 

There is a reason that famous brands have sustained their clientele and status for so long. It is because they use the best material and technology to make highly durable and uber stylish sustainable sunglasses. If you purchase an original pair of sunglasses online, then you can be assured about its quality and they also give you a guarantee, something not available in non-branded products. 

3.      Style Statement 

You know sunglasses also make for a great style statement and are a reflection of your fashion choices. So, one should also look for frames that suit their face shape. You could also look for sunglasses styles based on different occasions as well to match your outfits. 

There are millions of styles and designs to choose from- aviators, round frames, square shaped sunglasses, wayfarers, rectangle frames, and many more. 

4.      Opt for Tinted Sunglasses 

When you combine your power sunglasses with tinted lenses then they become much more durable to wear in the sun. Choosing tints like grey power sunglasses will award you with a reduction in brightness and are more suitable for driving. The amber, brown-colored lenses, on the other hand, effectively reduce blue light. There are also gradient-tinted sunglasses with a dark color on top and light at the bottom just like your car’s windshield! 

5.      Material Used 

Always check for the material used in building your sunglasses frame. Some are made from highly durable and unbreakable acetate metal frames. While some on other hand uses titanium, beta-titanium metals that are corrosion-resistant, long-lasting and extremely lightweight. In fact, acetate plastic frames are high in demand everywhere. 

6.      Cost Of Sunglasses 

However, much you like a pair of branded sunglasses, it all ultimately comes down to how much they would cost you. We agree power sunglasses with prescription lenses are a little bit on the higher side of cost, but they are totally worth it. You are getting your eyeglasses, as well as stylish sunglasses, rolled into a single frame that you can wear at all times. It is quite a convenient and long-lasting solution to your eye problems. 

If you are looking for affordable and highly durable power sunglasses in stylish designs then you should head towards Yourspex.com. Find the right kind of sunglasses that suits your face shape and budget with power lenses here!  

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