7 Best Ways To Style Sunglasses For Men With Beard

If you are trying to grow a beard or have an already grown one, chances are you would also like to invest in a stylish pair of sunglasses online! Sunglasses when worn with a beard in the correct way can not only accentuate your looks but also make a very stylish fashion statement. You would come across as sharper, more groomed if you choose the right style that suits your beard.

Yes, there are several types of sunglasses styles available online these days that if chosen right, will add sophistication, charm and loads of allure to your personality. Beards and sunglasses are a killer combination. But you need to know your sunglasses and your beard type to get the correct combination.

Where most men go wrong is they do not consider their face shape, skin tone and type of their beard while choosing stylish sunglasses for themselves online. You know you don’t need to rush into the first pair of sunglasses that you find! Choose, try different styles, and check various permutations and combinations before arriving at the final desired result-a dashing man with a beard looking dapper in his stylish sunglasses!

Be it a fully-fledged mountain man style beard or just a man child style stubble, every beard type requires a different style of pair of branded sunglasses online. Here we are giving you 7 ways to style your beard with different types of sunglasses


1. Hotness Alert!

 Achieve this ultra sexy and uber stylish look with a subtle style goatee and light stubble on the face. You will easily turn heads on the street if you style your stubble with a pair of super cool and trendy aviators in bold colors. Team it up with a nice bright white shirt and khaki-colored chinos and voila! You suddenly become the hot desirable man of every girl’s dreams!


2. Up Your Club Game!

Add a dashing pair of gold-rimmed aviator or square shaped sunglasses to your light bearded look and rock the club look an ace! You can also add a dash of sophistication to your personality by adding a pair of trendy pants and blazer.


3. The Sophisticated Corporate Look

Put your best face forward in the office by achieving the ultimate sophisticated corporate look! Be a thorough professional you are by wearing sexy wayfarer style sunglasses with your full-grown beard. Add a formal-looking blazer with a light-colored shirt and you are ready to take on the corporate world by its horns!


4. The Macho Man Look

Sport the ultimate macho man look with a full beard and a classic pair of black wayfarer-style sunglasses like those from Ray Bans. When you will step out sporting these highly desirable pair of sunglasses with a dark-colored shirt and types of denim, there won’t be a single heart that won’t flutter on the street! The quaff hairstyle will complement your full beard look the best in our opinion.


5. Man Bun In Sun!

Have a grizzle, rough beard? Worry not because when you team it up with square shaped sunglasses, your face radiates a soulful look, a man who is in deep touch with his inner, wild self. And if you grow a man bun, then there is no stopping for the ladies from eating their hearts out with your dazzling look!


6. Artist At Work!

It is time to flaunt an artistic look with medium length beard growth, a spiky hairstyle and very much in demand, the club master sunglasses! These styles of sunglasses are perfect fit for men with not too bushy but not too light either beard. The end combination casts an artistic impression adding layers of mystery and culture to your personas.


7. Flirtatious You!

Show your sensual and flirty side by pairing your long stubble with acetate aviator frames in jazzy colors. Team it up with a casual shirt in breezy colors and blue denims and you will be the instant hit of the party! This style spells a cool and fun vibe!


So, which look is yours for the day? Take a look at your beard type and decide for yourself. For more such tips and info, visit yourspex.com for cool, trendy pair of sunglasses from original brands at affordable prices!


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