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Eye Test in Faridabad

With the advancement of technology, everything has become easier like never before. The technology that has created ease in our lives also has an effect on our health. With the increase in the use of screens, whether it’s a mobile or laptop, there are always chances of getting our eyes hurt by harmful blue lights.

Constant exposure to blue light over time could damage retinal cells and cause vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration. It can also contribute to cataracts, eye cancer, and growths on the clear covering over the white part of the eye.

To stay protected from such lights, you must take care of your eyes properly. From maintaining good eye hygiene to regular eye check-ups, everything is important. 

With helping people with high-quality eyewear, YourSpex also offers services for home eye tests in Faridabad and throughout Delhi NCR, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

Best Eye Specialist in Faridabad

Now for your regular eye test, there is no need to visit any eye specialist in Faridabad. You just need to book an appointment at our site or call us for booking and our expert optometrist will reach out to your home or office at your fixed time. 

How to Book a Home Eye Test in Faridabad? 

You just need to book an appointment at our site or call us for booking and you will get a call back regarding a suitable time slot when you think the right time for your eye test and our team will arrange an eye test in Faridabad for you at the right time for you!

How much does a home eye check-up cost in Faridabad?

YourSpex provides Home Eye Check-ups in Faridabad and throughout Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, and Mumbai for free.

If you’re searching for an “eye test near me” stop and book an appointment for your home eye test to get your eye tested at your home or office. Book now!



When will the certified eyecare expert/optometrist reach me?  

You will receive a call and a text message on the day of the appointment booked and the certified expert will reach your place at the time decided by you.  

What are the charges for a Home eye check-up and try-on?  

YourSpex is providing Home Eye Check-ups at Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, and Mumbai free of cost.

Do I get any special discount on any purchase?  

YourSpex offers a variety of frames to choose from in the comfort of your home and the certified eyecare expert/optometrist will guide you with all the running offers at that moment.  

How can I reschedule/cancel my booking?  

You can reschedule or cancel your booking by calling our customer support team at +91-9958381453/ 8595538314. Please inform us at least one hour before your time slot. 

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