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FREE Home Eye Testing
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In this busy schedule, It’s really hard to take care of yourself and your eyes. To maintain good eye health, a good diet, and regular eye checkups are important.  

Regular eye checkups help to detect eye problems at their earliest stage when they are treatable. This will also detect vision changes as vision can change gradually Regular eye tests give your eye care professional a chance to help you correct or adapt to vision changes, and a healthy lifestyle and provide you with tips on caring for your eyes. And an eye exam might provide clues to your overall health. 

Eye Test in Noida

As an ideal eyewear brand, YourSpex takes care of its customers and tries to serve them in every possible way and offers services for home eye tests in Noida too.

We understand how important is now to take care of your eyes with the increase in screen time and how important regular eye checkups are for eye health.

How does Home Try-On work?

  • Book an appointment via our website and choose your time slot or directly call us at +91-9958381453 or +91-8595538314 to book an appointment.
  • We will get back to you to fix the eye test in Noida and then our certified optometrist will visit your home with fully sanitized equipment and a variety of frames.
  • Get done with an eye checkup in Noida with computerized testing try the frame you want and order on the spot.
  • Your order will be delivered to the comfort of your home.



     1. When will the certified eyecare expert/optometrist reach me?  

You will receive a call and a text message on the day of the appointment booked and the certified expert will reach your place at the timings decided by you.  

     2. What are the charges for a Home eye check-up and try-on?  

YourSpex provides Home Eye Check-ups at Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, and Mumbai for free.

     3. Do I get any special discount on any purchase?  

YourSpex offers a variety of frames to choose from in the comfort of your home and the certified eyecare expert/optometrist will guide you with all the running offers at that moment.  

     4. How can I reschedule/cancel my booking?  

You can reschedule or cancel your booking by calling our customer support team at +91-9958381453/ 8595538314. Please inform us at least one hour before your time slot. 

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