How To Choose The Most Suitable Sunglasses Online For A Long Face?

Searching for a perfect pair of branded sunglasses online that suits and complements your face shape does become a tad difficult at times. It is quite hard to determine what will or won’t work for your face. You might like a particular design of sunshades but it might not be what would look good on you! It is very important thus to know your face shape. 

If you have a long face then you are very lucky because most of the sunglasses styles and frame designs will work for you especially the oversize designs and rectangular frame designs. In fact, anything that can make your face look wider and not longer is a perfect fit for you. 

Here we have compiled together a list of suitable sunglasses for long or rectangular face shapes for both males and females. But first things first, let us tell you how to determine whether you have a long face shape. 

How To Know If You Have Long/Oblong Face? 

  • If you have a face shape that is longer than wider 
  • If your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are in equal proportion to each other 
  • If you have a curved chin 

We would definitely recommend sunglasses styles with taller rims, and ornamental temples as well as rectangular lens glasses for you as they add width to your long face shape

Sunglasses Suitable For Long Face (Female) 

1. Rectangular Or Square-Shaped Sunglasses 

Tall rims help to balance out your face proportions. While wider rims, on the other hand, add the much-needed width to your long face. One should definitely invest in a good pair of rectangular or square-shaped sunglasses online with a full rim. This is a very popular frame design and offers a lot of varieties in terms of shapes, colors, and decorative temple designs.  

2. Aviators Sunglasses 

Trust us when we say aviators will never go out of style ever! They are a classic edition to any sunglasses lover. In fact, the tear drop-shaped lenses in aviators provide the much-needed balance to the long-face shape of women. And it also flatted the curved chin. Now isn’t that just what you needed ladies? 

3. Oval-Shaped Sunglasses 

These types of sunglasses go with just about any kind of outfit be it western, ethnic, casual or formal! The oval sunglasses bring structure and balance to the long face shape and helps enhance your best features. In fact, if you search online, you will find tons of oval-shaped sunglasses in various designs and colors that would suit your face shape to the T. 


4. Cat-Eye Sunglasses 

The cat eye sunglasses are a perfect match for a long face in ladies. The upward-swinging rim design not only draws attention from your chin area but also brings focus to your beautiful eyes. Next time when you look for sunshades online, try buying retro-styled oversized cat eye sunglasses and you will be the talk of the town! 


Sunglasses For Long Face (Male) 

The long, narrow bone structure of your face awards you a distinctive and regal quality. And you wouldn’t want to spoil that with the wrong choice of frame designs, right? Enlisting here our choice of best sunglasses designs for long-face shapes in males. 


1. Square Shaped Sunglasses 

These types of sunglasses add angles to your cheekbones, thus accentuating your best features. Investing in a good pair of square-shaped sunglasses online for long shape is advisable by many experts. The best example is Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Will Smith! 


2. Large Wayfarer Sunglasses 

Oversized, big frame designs in wayfarer style will work wonders for your look! It will balance out your facial proportions and draw attention away from your chin. 

3. Browline Frames & Taller Rims 

Taller rim frame designs add width to your facial features and bring focus to your eyes. Choose a browline frame with colorful or decorative temples to get the best results. 


Sunglasses to be Avoided For Long Face 

People with long face shapes should try to avoid small, thin or round-shaped sunglasses as they make your face seem longer. You should try to buy sunglasses online that bring attention to your eyes and forehead. 

Now you know which sunglasses to buy online for long faces for both males and females. Click here to know where to find the right pair of original sunglasses at discounted prices, only at 


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