Step-By Step Guide For Best Ways To Clean Sunglasses

So, you are planning to go on vacation? It is time to take out your very expensive pair of branded latest sunglasses from the closet men and women folks! But what if you come to know that your sunglasses have acquired dirt and grime over their time in the closet? Or what if you wish to take your absolutely favorite pair of sunglasses that you wear day in and out on the vacation and they turn out to be full of scratches and dust?

Then my friend, it is time to clean your sunglasses. But you cannot just do simple water cleaning. It will damage your sunglasses lens and even make them lose their sheen and luster if not handled properly.

But first, we need to understand what makes our sunglasses unclean.

It is the daily wear and tears that one acquires on their sunglasses over time- a vacation to the beach, a road trip on the mountains, traveling to client sites in the sun, etc. In addition, your dead skin cells as well as oil from your facial pores also accumulate as dirt on your sunglasses. Thinking these are problems only faced by men? No ladies, your makeup also gets smeared on the sunglasses.

So, what can one do to get their sunglasses new and shiny again? Well, for that you need to know the best ways to clean your sunglasses for your upcoming vacation. And more important than that, you should also know what you SHOULD NOT DO.

While investing in a good lens cleaner is recommended, improper knowledge and novice behavior in handling sunglasses lenses might result in some damage to the sunglasses. So here we are giving you easy steps to follow to clean your sunglasses.

Step By Step Guide To Clean Your Sunglasses

1. Before you start to clean your sunglasses, it is best advised to remove the lens from the sunglasses. Contrary to belief, it is quite easier than you might think.

2. Start the sunglasses cleaning process by rinsing your sunglasses using warm water. Make sure it is not too hot or not too cold either or else it might end up damaging the sunglasses.

3. Now pour very mild dishwashing soap in small quantities over the sunglass frame and work your way round the area that rests on your nose as well as ears meticulously because it’s most exposed to dirt.

4. Additionally, you can also take the help of a microfiber cloth to clean the frames more thoroughly. A soft-bristled toothbrush can also be used to clean the cracks and nooks and crannies where your fingers can’t go.

5. Now effectively, rinse off the soap and see your sunglass frame emerge as brand new!

6. It is time now to keep your sunglasses in the sun to let them dry. One can also use specially designed microfiber cloth to fasten the process.


What You Should Not Do To Clean Your Sunglasses

1. Never ever spit on your sunglasses to clean them.  For one, it does not go down well with all the dirt, grime and grease gathered on your sunglasses. And secondly, it is an utterly gross and quite unhygienic process to clean something!

2. Do not clean your lenses by rubbing them against your T-shirt or pajamas or even your jeans for that matter! Your lenses require specially crafted microfiber cloth to clean them. Anything else will just leave a stain mark or make them even more foggy!

3. Never try to clean your sunglasses using bleach or ammonia as an ingredient. The metal or acetate frame of your branded sunglasses that you ordered online or offline will just not go down that well with these chemicals.

4. Do not ever clean or wipe your sunglasses lenses with a tissue or paper towel or just about any other paper product! Remember, paper is for writing not cleaning, and especially not the delicately crafted, super technology-built lenses of your brand-new sunglasses! It will end up causing scratches on it.

If you make this cleaning procedure a regular event, then it would most definitely increase the life of your latest goggles bought online! After all, if you put so much thought, time, and money in buying those super expensive branded sunglasses online, then you should definitely know how to take care of them for their long life.

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