Consider These 5 Stylish Spectacles For Women For A Star Look

When it comes to looks, women like to stay one step ahead of the latest fashion trends. Be it a new design or a latest style trending the fashion market, usually, ladies are the first ones to hop on the fashion bus! So, it comes as no surprise that women these days consider spectacle frames as more of a fashion accessory and means to make a unique style statement.

Glass frames for women are no longer considered a taboo. It just adds oodles of charm and allure to your appearance. As a matter of fact, many female celebrities around the world like to sport the trendiest spectacle frames in various shapes and colors. You just need to find your right fit and it will instantly up your style game exponentially.

If you see it over the recent years, spectacle frames for ladies have made a huge comeback. In fact, styles like oversized retro spectacle frames, rimless glasses, cat eye glasses for women or even round eyeglasses for women are considered to be a favorite amongst fashion designers across the world to jazz up their models’ ramp way look!

So, what is trending this year? Which according to the fashion experts will be the trendiest and most stylish spectacle frames for 2022 for women?

Here we are compiling together a not-to-miss list of 5 stylish glasses frames for women for the star look

  1. Round Glasses

Mostly suitable for people with rectangular or square shaped faces, the round shaped eyeglasses in women add balance to their sharp facial features. What one needs to keep in mind while choosing round shaped frames is to opt for thinner style round frames with sharp corners to make them appear more appealing to the eye. They seem to give your face a softer touch.

  1. Big Square Shaped Spectacle Frames

 You can look chic and sexy with the trendy, thick square shaped eyeglasses in bright blood colors of black, gold, dark blues and dark greys. As a matter of fact, this style of glasses for women has been around since quite some time now and we don’t see the trend dying anytime soon! Make your round face look more angular with these beautiful square shaped eyeglasses in various shapes and colors. The boldness of the color and the angular frame will make your face look slim.


  1. Rimless Spectacle Frames

Clear or rimless spectacle frames are timeless! They add a certain edge to your whole look yet they don’t go overboard. Their subtle style sense is what makes them a must have for every woman! The combination of retro and modern sophisticated design in rimless glasses adds enough oomph to your classy look. And because they are colorless, they can be teamed up with any kind of outfit!


  1. Aviator Frames

The best feature of any aviator style spectacle frame is that they just about go with any face shape. These retro style frame designs are one of the most stylish things that you can own this 2022 ladies. Team them up for a sophisticated corporate professional look or jazz them up for a fun picnic vibe with your outfit. It will rock any kind of look! So, what are you waiting for? Start searching for your pair of wire-rimmed aviator frames now!


  1. Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eyeglasses add just the right hint of drama to your otherwise simple look. The oversized retro cat eye glasses in pop colors like burgundy, violet, red or green are quiet in this year and will add a dash of fun element to your overall appearance. If you have a wide or square-shaped face, then this style of eyewear will look most flattering on you. Tortoiseshell cat eye glasses are in fact, one of the most endearing and famous styles of spectacle frames amongst women since the 80s!

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