A Guide To Buying Sunglasses Online For Men And Women

If you have a nice pair of sunglasses, then you have conquered the world! Yes, it is true!  If you are lucky enough to have found the perfect sunglasses fit for you, then we are sure your appearance will improve by manifolds. And you know if you look good, you feel good, right? It instills a sense of confidence in you and you perform better in your everyday life. See, what a single pair of sunglasses for men or women can do for you!

However, not everyone thinks about the benefits of getting the right pair of sunglasses. What most men and women do is they grab the first pair of sunglasses that they like or are currently in trend irrespective of the fact whether that style suits their face shape or not. For example- if you have a round face then wearing round sunglasses will make your face appear more fat. You need definition and angle to your face which can be achieved via square or rectangle sunglasses.

Choosing a sunglasses style and your face shape goes hand in hand. One should always consider their face shape be it square, oblong, heart, diamond or round before narrowing down on their next pair of sunglasses online. In our previous articles, we discussed various different face shapes and the sunglasses that go well with them for both men and women.

Today, we will share all relevant information about the sunglasses that one needs to think about buying their new pair of sunglasses online. Take a look

1. Consider varied styles of sunglasses

There are more than 60 styles of sunglasses available in the market these days. In fact, you might also be in possession of some of them like aviators, wayfarers etc. now the thing about finding your suitable style is to determine your face shape, your usage, your budget and most importantly a basic knowledge about the various styles and how they different from each other.

  • Wayfarers Sunglasses – the sunglasses that were introduced by the iconic brand Ray Bans are a classic favorite of movie stars since the 50s. In fact, world famous musical band, The Beatles are credited for making wayfarers a trendsetter.
  • Clubmaster Sunglasses – these retro style sunglasses are an instant hit even now with guys! You can still find many youngsters sporting this classic style.
  • Aviator Sunglasses –Designed supremely for pilots, they date back to the 1930s but now have become a fashion symbol especially amongst men. Having aviators in cool shades of black or brown is the ultimate dream guy look for any man!
  • Round Frame Sunglasses – Give your angular face softness with the round frame sunglasses and rock the vintage look!
  • Wrap Around Sunglasses – if you are heavily into sports, then wrap around sunglasses are not just a style statement, but they are a necessity. They protect your eyes and skin around them from harmful UV rays much better.


2. Consider Frame Material

You can choose from a wide variety of frame materials based upon your requirements. Take a look

  • Basic Plastic – it is the cheapest frame material available readily and is the best fit for sports.
  • Acetate – this is a stronger, more flexible, lighter, and highly durable kind of plastic which is quite popular these days.
  • Metal – Metal frames such as titanium are corrosion resistant, durable, and more adjustable as well as expensive than the plastic frames.
  • Hand Made – sunglasses made from tortoise shell, buffalo horn, and wood are hand-crafted, organic and a great option for people with any metal or plastic allergies.


3. Consider Lens Colors & Tint For Sunglasses

The most important job of a sunglass is to provide 100% protection to the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. While one should always check the lens of the sunglasses before purchasing, one should also pay attention to lens colors or tints as they also block out light, some colors more than others.

  • Yellow & Orange – the lenses offer good contrast and are suitable for darker conditions like skiing or any other snow sports.
  • Purple &Red – it not just blocks blue light but also reduces glare immensely.
  • Brown &Amber – the lenses work best in the cloudy as well as sunny weather as they improve the quality of light.
  • Blue – you get enhanced color recognition and white light filtration.
  • Gray – offering crisp contrast, gray colored sunglasses reduce glare to the eyes and thus reduce eye strain. They are more suitable for driving.


A good pair of sunglasses can either make or break your image. That is why you would always want to buy sunglasses online from a trusted source like Yourspex.com. You don’t just get super stylish sunglasses in cool colors but also superb guidance from our sunglasses experts.


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