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  1. Spectacle styles

    Top Iconic Spectacle Styles Throughout History

    “Spectacles make everything clearer & With YourSpex, You buy spectacles that will frame your world with the right vision and Style. Here are the top iconic spectacle styles!

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  2. Spectacles

    How to make sure the frame size is correct for your face?

    Whether you buy spectacles online or offline, make sure that it is of the correct frame size by knowing How to make sure the frame size is correct for your face with YourSpex.

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  3. Spectacles

    The Role of Blue Light Filtering in Modern Spectacles

    Constant exposure to screens leads to an impact on the eyes but blue light filtering in modern Spectacles protects eyes. know about blue light filtering with YourSpex.

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  4. spectacles

    Enhancing Visual Comfort: Anti-glare Coatings and Tinted Spectacle Lenses

    There are many reasons you should choose anti-glare or tinted lenses over normal lenses in your spectacles. Know how Anti-glare Coatings and Tinted Spectacle Lenses!

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  5. chasma

    List of Stylish Chasma to Buy Online for Women

    Styling is always easy when you know what is right for you and when it comes to Chasma, YourSpex has the trendiest collection, Here is the list of stylish chasma for women!

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  6. spectacles

    Why Transparent Spectacles Are Right for All Fashion-Forwards?

    The transparent spectacles are cool, quirky, and a perfect fit for those who look for style in their medium of vision correction, Know why the transparent spectacles are Right for you!

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  7. Fashion-Forward Spectacles

    Fashion-Forward Spectacles for Every Occasion

    Know about the fashion-forward spectacles to match your outfits to make you look to stand out on every occasion with YourSpex - Right for you!

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  8. Pupillary Distance

    Things to know about Pupillary Distance (PD) before buying Prescription Spectacles

    Buying prescription spectacles without measuring the pupillary distance(PD) may create a disturbance in your vision. Know about Pupillary Distance with YourSpex.

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  9. spectacles

    A New Era of Spectacles: Where Fashion Meets Eyecare

    With the emergence of designer eyewear and new advancements in technology, we are entering a new era of spectacles where fashion meets eyecare.

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  10. spectacles

    The Art of Fashionable Specs: Where Style Meets Vision & Eyecare

    Choosing spectacles frames from such may seem hard to you but you can make things easy by knowing the eyewear trends and the frame shapes that are right for you!

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