Online shopping has worked like a miracle for people who prefer buying online rather than visiting offline stores. For eyewear too, with the growth of online platforms for shopping, there is also a high rise in the number of e-commerce platforms that offers eyewear whether they’re spectacles, sunglasses, or contact lenses, you’ll definitely be able to find out many platforms or online shops to buy eyewear online but do you know what sunglass or spectacle frames are right for you or how will you figure out your frame size without trying them physically?

By offering the finest quality specs, sunglasses, and contact lenses at the most affordable prices, YourSpex as an ideal eyewear brand ensures that customers are well-guided and know what they should know before placing their orders. We have already made you well-informed about the face shapes and suitable frames but if you’re still confused about your face shape and suitable structures, get yourself guided with ‘The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Faceand here in our blog, we’ll explore how to make sure the frame size is correct for your face to offer you right style with comfort.

Here are things to notice to make sure the frame size is correct for your face

Whether you buy chasma online or offline, make sure that it is of the correct frame size by following these steps:

frame size

Temple aligned with the width of your face

The first thing you should check while buying sunglasses or spectacles is the proper alignment of the temples of eyeglasses or sunglasses with the width of your face. 

The temples are the arms that extend from the sides of the frame and go over the ears to hold the glasses in place on your face. Proper alignment means that the temples should follow the natural contour of your face and rest comfortably behind your ears.

The eyebrow should always be above the sunglasses

Whenever you’re buying spectacles or sunglasses, whether you’re physically able to try that eyewear or trying with an AI on an online platform, you need to make sure that the chasma you choose has a size that sits well on your nose and the eyebrows stay visible.

There are multiple eyewear styles available and there are some that will look better on your face so before you buy sunglasses or spectacles, make sure that they are right to your face shapes.

The frames shouldn’t rest on your cheeks

The right pair of glasses should rest comfortably on the bridge of your nose. They should not press against your forehead or cheeks. They also shouldn't rest so far toward the end of your nose that they slip when you squint or wrinkle your nose. The nose fit determines how far your glasses should sit from your face.

Confused: Have a look - Guide to see if the frame size is correct and visit yourspex.com to buy eyewear right for you!