What To Keep In Mind To Buy Sunglasses Online 5 Simple Tips For You!

When it comes to buying sunglasses, high prices do not always translate into high quality. Even so, when you are planning to buy sunglasses online, it becomes more essential and difficult to narrow down the right pair of sunglasses for you if you don’t have enough knowledge about lenses, frame designs etc. 

 One needs to keep in mind a lot of factors before buying a good pair of goggles online. Not every frame style that you see online is made of good material. Only reputed brands and online stores with trusted customer bases offer premium quality frames, expert assistance and lenses.  

But how would you know the difference between a good pair of sunglasses to a bad one? Here we are enlisting 5 easy tips for you to keep in mind while purchasing sunglasses online. 


1. Check if your sunglasses offer full UV protection 

When it comes to your eyes, even 100% UV protection claims are not enough. One should look for sunglasses that provide full protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays. In addition, the right pair of sunglasses will also offer reduced glare with polarized lenses as well as enhanced colors for 100% clarity. An ideal sunglass design should offer 70-90% screening from sunlight. If the sunglasses are not providing enough blockage from sunlight, then they are not right for the job! 


2. Check For the Quality Of Frame Designs 

A cheap quality pair of sunglasses might be available at discounted prices online, but it doesn’t mean it will stand the heat of the sun! Who knows, its plastic body might even melt and will not even survive the usual wear and tear for a long time. In fact, one should think seriously about the frame material before buying goggles online. Even a full metallic frame is not advisable for you as it might scorch your skin in the heat. You should only look for online stores offering high-quality plastic or acetate material frame designs. 


3. Check for frame styles that suit your face shape 

Sunglasses are not worn just for providing protection from the sun, they also do make a very stylish fashion statement.  Be it a casual outing with your friends in the sun or a formal get-together of your family or even your best friend’s wedding the right pair stylish sunglasses bought online, will only add up to your personality. So it is very important for you to know your face shape and which style of sunglasses will go best with it. 

  • You have an oval shaped face if your face is long and not wide. 

Recommended Styles -retro style oversized heavy sunglasses designs 

  • You have a round shaped face if you have wide cheekbones. 

 Recommended Styles- cat-eye, square and rectangular frames 

  • You have a square shape face if your jawline has sharp edges to it. 

Recommended Styles- Round-shaped sunglasses, aviators 

  • You have a heart-shaped face if you have a narrow jaw line. 

Recommended Styles- squares shaped or retro-style cat-eye sunglasses 


4. Check for what kind of activity you require sunglasses for 

If you need sunglasses for just leisurely outings or day-to-day activities then one should opt for polarized sunglasses as they provide glare reduction. However, if you require to buy sunglasses online for port activities like volleyball or golf etc. then polarized sunglasses are not advisable at all as they cause problems with depth perception in seeing the ball. 


5. Check For The Cost Of The Sunglasses Online 

Just as an expensive tag doesn’t translate into high-quality frames, a reasonably priced sunglasses design also doesn’t mean cheap quality always. Many branded stores offer high-quality, premium goggles designs for men& women at low prices. Always search, compare and only then proceed to buy the right pair of sunglasses online


When you consider all the above-mentioned factors in mind, then you need the expert assistance of a reliable and trusted name in the business of online sunglasses. And Yourspex.com is just what you need to buy a good, branded pair of sunglasses at affordable costs. They are high on style and reliable in build. Find your favorite pair of branded sunglasses online with Yourspex.com now. 


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