5 Strong Reasons To Buy Powered Sunglasses This Season

Let’s admit it. We all feel wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses can drastically alter our appearance as well as our personality.  That is why people go to lengths to search for that perfect pair of sunglasses online that will go with their outfits and make them look instantly cool. Sunglasses also provide immense protection to our eyes from the harmful UVA rays of the sun. The absence of a good pair of sunglasses can cause some serious damage to our eyes forever. 

So, if one says that sunglasses are this much important, then should everyone wear them while going out? But what about people who wear spectacles or have a numbered eyeglass frame? Either they can wear their spectacles or sunglasses? You can keep on switching between the two if your number is not too high. But what about those people who need to wear their glasses all the time? How will they wear sunglasses? The answer is in the form of powered sunglasses. Simply get sunglasses with a power lens that suits your eye and voila you kill two birds in one! 

But some people think only eyeglasses are a necessity and for daily use and not sunglasses which according to some is a luxury. So, why spend and get a rather costlier powered sunglass frame? Well, for those people, we bring to you 5 strong and compelling reasons to buy powered sunglasses this season. 


1.      Provides UV Protection 

You know sunglasses are not just a fashion or status symbol but they are also mean to protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB sunlight rays. We would recommend you to invest in a pair of smart sunglasses that come with full UV400 protection lenses.  This way you can wear your powered sunglasses at all times in the sun. 

2.      Maintain Your Habit Of Wearing Glasses 

It does take time to get in the habit of wearing eyeglasses at all times. With prescription sunglasses, you would be able to maintain and get into the habit of wearing glasses quickly and quite easily. And you will look your fashionable best as well! And this also helps in vision correction over a period of time! 


3. One Sunglasses For All Needs 

Admit it. Spectacle frames are heavier than your average sunglasses. Now if you get powered sunglasses online fitted with your prescription lenses, then all your problems are solved. You only need one single pair of sunglasses to wear at all times and at all occasions. And they are quite lightweight and comfortable too to wear the whole day round. 


4. Look Stylish 

Now you don’t need to curb your desire for wearing cool, funky sunglasses just because your eyes always have to hide behind your spectacle frames. Choose from zillions of styles, find what suits your face shape, get them in your desired color and just opt for a powered lens. Now that doesn't sound cool, right? Look your stylish best with sunglasses with a power lens. Who said people with weak eyesight cannot look their best? They didn’t know the power of powered sunglasses


5. Extensive Choices 

Who says you can have just one sunglass with a power lens? Well, given the number of varieties and options available online these days, one can order as many as powered sunglasses they like. Select different styles and colors to suit different occasions and outfits in your wardrobe. 


If you too are feeling confused about whether to get a cool pair of spectacle frames or funky looking sunglasses, then we would advise you to invest in powered sunglasses online at Yourspex.com. You will find zillions of options in various styles, and colors that suit your face shape, find your best fit and fill in your prescription lens form at the time of purchase and you will receive your sunglasses with a power lens. Now, look cool and smart at the same time with powered sunglasses, the best gift from the advent of technology! 


Plan to buy Powered Sunglasses? 

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