How To Choose Spectacle Frames for Men

The golden rule of selecting the right spectacle frame for you is to always choose the shape opposite to your facial features. Yes, that is correct. Your face shape plays an important part in narrowing down the search for the most suitable spectacle frame for you. We all have different face shapes as well as different preferences for which we require our eyeglasses. So, what works for you men? Which frames are best suitable for men and which are not?  

For example, a round face needs rectangular or square-shaped eyeglasses as it adds definition to the face. On the other hand, a square-shaped face will work best with a round or oval-shaped spectacle frame as it enhances your overall appearance and softens your features. 


How To You Choose Spectacle Frames For Men Based On Their Face Shape 

Men With Square Face  

Men with a square face shape should opt for a designer spectacle frame that tends to soften the angle of their faces. In fact, round or oval-shaped eyeglasses are most suitable for these type of face shapes. If you opt for angular frames then it will make your face appear bulkier.  

Men With Oval Face 

If you are blessed with an oval face, then you are one lucky chap as most of the frame designs and styles will look wonderful on you! You should try to include frames with geometrical shapes that will tend to complement the symmetry of your face shape. In fact, choose spectacle designs that are broader or wider than the rest of your face angle. 

Men With Diamond Face 

Men with diamond face shapes are awarded with a unique face shape and thus need spectacular pairs of eyeglasses to accentuate their cheekbones and facial features. Men with narrow foreheads and chins would benefit a lot from oval-shaped or cat-eye-shaped spectacles. We would advise you to not opt for small designer eyeglasses as it will draw more attention to your narrow chin. 


Men With Heart-Shaped Face 

If you have a heart-shaped face, then you should search for spectacle frames online with heavy bottoms. As a matter of fact, round or square-shaped eyeglasses with curved edges will help balance your facial features a lot and enhance your overall look! Spectacle frames with decorative temples and heavily embellished tops should be avoided as you don’t want to bring attention to your wider forehead and narrow chin.  

Men With Round Face 

You definitely need to look for square or rectangular spectacle frame designs online. These types of frames will sharpen your facial features and will make your face appear long and thin. Eyeglasses with a round or small lens shape should be avoided as it accentuates the roundness of the face. 

How To Choose Spectacle Frames for Men Online Based on Your Skin Tone 

You should also try to search for spectacle frames that will compliment your skin tone. It does not just enhance your personality but your overall outward appearance. Take a look 

For Men with Warm Tones 

Men with yellow, golden, or bronze undertones to the skin are considered to be with warmer complexion. Spectacle frame colors best suited for such skin tone are olive green, gold, beige, shades of brown, light tortoise, honey, etc. on the other hand, black, white, or even pastel shades as they might not look too good on you. 

For Men With Cooler Tones 

The cooler complexion in men is recognized by the pink r blue undertones to the skin. You should choose spectacle frames in colors that stand out like blue, gray, black, pink, silver, mauve, dark tortoise etc. avid colors that make you look paler.  

Other Factors to Consider While Selecting Spectacle Frames For Men Online 

  • Personality- if you have a fun-loving, outdoorsy personality, then your spectacle frame designs should reflect it. Choose fun, vibrant colors for yourselves. You can even look for different pairs of spectacles for different occasions to jazz things up a bit. If you have a sophisticated vibe, then look for subtle, statement-making expensive designer spectacle frames. 
  • Usage- if you are looking for spectacles to wear on a daily basis, then look for sturdy frames that will last longer. But, if you are looking for spectacles for just making a style statement, then go for the latest designs. 

Finding the right spec frame for men is very essential as it alters your whole personality and speaks volumes about your taste and lifestyle. You need the expert assistance of a good and trusted online store. And will do just that for you. Find the latest designer spectacle frames in vibrant colors and super solid material all made with highly advanced technology.