Top 8 Most Stylish Fashion Spectacles For Women In 2022

It is a known fact that women and spectacles is a deadly combination! On one hand, it grants you an intelligent aura around you, on the other hand it also adds layers of mystery and sexiness around your personality. If you land up with the right type of spectacles for yourself, you surely will turn a lot of heads!  

These days wearing spectacles frames are not just a necessity for eyes but also a bold fashion statement. One can say a lot through their spectacle frames if worn right with the right kid of outfit. Whether you need eyeglasses for formal work meeting or you need to look chic for an outing with your friends, there are spectacle frames for women’s every need available online these days. 

Here we have compiled together a list of super trendy and fashionable spectacle frame that are in vogue in 2022.  

1. Hipster Spectacle Frames 

Also known as “nerd” eyeglasses, these super stylish spectacle frames are new in trend and award you with geeky look which is quite in these days. These are more a fashion accessory than actual prescription eyeglasses and will go best with your smart office wardrobe! 

In fact, you will find many celebrities and influencers sorting these trendy spectacle frames this year. Opt for bold, colors like black and you are all set to debut as a super fashinosita! The square and rectangular frame design of the hipster eyeglasses will complement round face shape women the best. 

2. Cat-Eye Glasses 

Cat-eye glasses are a must for every woman! These are uber stylish, super sexy, and utterly feminine pairs of eyeglasses that one can own. In fact, celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Garner, Jacqueline Fernandez etc. have all sported these sizzling style of spectacle frames. If you wear them in vibrant, bold colors like red, blue, gold, then you would instantly rock any kind of outfit. Suitable best for diamond face shape in women.  


3. Round Eyeglasses 

The round spectacle frames are back with a splash this year! They are in fact amongst the hottest trends in 2022 amongst women fashion accessories. Be it a sophisticated party at office or a meeting with your friends, you can certainly make a style statement with the perky round spectacle frames. In fact, women with square or rectangular face shapes are advised to opt for these small, round eyeglasses as they add softness to their facial features.  


4. Oversized Spectacle Frames 

The oversized eyeglasses are a treat to wear! They project an image of an engaging, enigmatic, fun-loving woman who has interesting stories and experience to tell! The oversized spectacle frames for women are in vogue this season and are trending big time in fun pop colors.  

Suitable mostly for oval and plump round faces, the oversized big eyeglasses will make your appearance more endearing. But other face shaped women will also look good sporting these styles available in various designs and makes. In fact, acetate and metal frames are the most in-demand right now.  

5. Retro Spectacle Frames  

The retro-style spectacle frames in cat-eye and square shapes have become the talk of the town in 2022. These throw-back designs with a modern touch to them award with another worldly aura and portray you as a free-spirited confident woman. Add a feminine touch to your overall outfit this season with the retro-style spectacle frames! 


6. Clear Frame Eyeglasses 

You can never go wrong with clear frame eyeglasses as they have a way of bringing light to your face and brightening your overall appearance. If you are looking for a practical spectacle frame that also makes a stylish fashion statement, then clear eyeglasses in square or rectangular frame designs are the best. They emphasize your brows as well as complement your facial features. Suitable best for oval or round faces as it balances out the roundness of your face shape. 

7. Tortoise Shell Spectacles 

Perhaps one of the most popular eyeglasses, tortoiseshell spectacle, have been around since time immemorial and their popularity amongst women is in no mood of slowing down any time soon! Done up in the warm tones of honey yellow and wood, these eyeglasses, also known as horn-rimmed eyeglasses, boost up your confidence, your personality and outward appearance. Add a dash of sophistication with the never-out-of-style tortoise shell eyeglasses now. 

8. Browline Eyeglasses 

The browline spectacle frames have become an instant hit since their introduction and grants you with a serious, sophisticated look. The heavy emphasis on your brows in dark colors like black and dark blues has made these eyeglasses a preferred choice of professional women across the globe. 

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