Why Is It Convenient To Get Eye Check-up at Home?

Pandemic has made all our lives even more tricky and complex. As it is said, every problem comes with a solution. Lockdown, curfew, and lesser public interaction opened the gate to get services at home. It is the life-changing evolution, humanity ever experienced. Whether you want to order food or salon service, you can easily get it on the finger of the tips. Not just the fancy and materialistic services, but also regular check-ups can be conducted at home. It is so hard to stress the fact of how revolutionary a step it is. YourSpex is providing home eye check-ups and Try-on in Delhi/NCR and it is the best health care session you can get and even a gift to your elderlies.

Let’s walk you through some of the points why is it convenient to get your regular eye check-up at home:

1. Time-Saving Process

Booking an eye examination at an eye clinic or the hospital is time-consuming. With the fast-moving lifestyle of today’s generation, it is challenging to take out the time to visit an optometrist. Whereas in Home Eye check-ups, you get to decide your desired time slot and a certified YourSpex optometrist will visit your home with all the required equipment for a thorough eye check-up.

2. Elderly and Housebound

After a certain age, it gets very essential to get your regular eye check-up but sometimes the physical conditions don’t allow you to do so. That’s when YourSpex Home eye check-up comes in handy. If you have an elderly at your home who requires an eye check-up, just book an appointment through yourspex.com and the team will provide you with proper assistance and guidance on how to provide proper eye care.

3. Cost Effective

YourSpex offers home eye check-ups and try-on at just Rs.99/- for 3 people. Any 3 members of your family can get their thorough eye examination done in the comfort of your own home without struggling to get together to visit the eye specialist.

4. Central Location

YourSpex is based out of Delhi/NCR giving us the access to visit our customer’s homes at their desired time slots timely. You can easily book an appointment for the same day or the date you wish. A well-versed team is dedicated to providing you with proper assistance to book a home eye check-up hassle free.

5. Selection of Frames

YourSpex-certified optometrist visits your home with all the latest equipment to conduct accurate eye examinations and a vast variety of frames to choose from. It is so easy and convenient to select the frames of your choice and get the order delivered to your home.

We all are on the lookout for effortless ways to get the tasks done and YourSpex has got you covered to provide eye care at home. You have no point left in not booking a Home Eye Check-up and Try-on. Visit yourspex.com or call +91 8700178399 to book an appointment now.