Why Should You Choose Anti Fog Glasses With Mask? Know the 5 Top Benefits

The world has not been the same since Covid 19 hit us back in 2020. Wearing protective masks and using sanitizers has become the norm of the hour. Social distancing has become a new way of life for many of us. You would find everyone wearing masks at all times. But there is one problem with masks that is faced by people who wear spectacles-fogged up lenses. Take a look at all those foggy lens eyeglasses of people around you and you would be surprised by the number. And it does cause a lot of inconveniences. You cannot do away with masks as it compromises your immunity against Covid 19. But you cannot also do away with your eyeglasses either. So, what should one do? Well, you can always opt for anti-fog glasses! The fogless glasses guarantee that your vision doesn’t get compromised in wake of wearing masks. 

How Does Anti Fog Glasses Work? 

When you wear regular eyeglasses, your lenses get cloudy due to your masked breath. This results in forming condensation droplets on your eyeglasses lens. However, when you opt for anti-fog glasses, the surface coating present on them prevents any form of condensation from accumulating on the lenses. 

There are anti fog sprays also available these days that one can use on their spectacles. But in the long run, anti-fog glasses are the best choice! 

Here we are listing the 5 ultimate benefits of choosing anti fog glasses while wearing masks that will compel you to think about getting a pair of yourself now! 

1.      Grants Crystal Clear Vision 

If your eyeglasses become foggy every second you step out of the house, it will result in unclear, foggy vision. This will hinder your everyday routine as well because you trouble to go and clean your lenses every five seconds. With anti-fog lenses, you can surely have better control over your vision and get crystal clear eyesight. 


2.      Provides Protection Against Potential Diseases 

You know if your eyeglasses get foggy on regular intervals, chances are you will take them out more often to clean the lens. And this in the times of Covid, can prove hazardous for you. As your hands might come in contact with surfaces that are exposed to the Covid 19 virus, touching your eyes and eyeglasses with them might end up getting you infected. On the other hand, if you are wearing anti fog glasses with a mask, there is minimal chance of you contracting the disease as your mask and glasses will act as protective gear for you. 


3.      Helps Control Any Sudden Temperature Changes 

Have you noticed how your spectacles become instantly foggy as you step in or out of an air-conditioned store to hot and humid weather on the road? These types of sudden temperature shifts will have no effect whatsoever on your fog free glasses. Even when you are wearing a mask, these anti fog glasses ensure there is no effect at all on your lenses irrespective of any sudden temperature drops. 


4.      Reduces Discomfort 

With a clear, fogless vision, you will perform your tasks better and won’t waste your time cleaning your glasses every time there is moisture in the air. The anti-fog coating on the lens surface just makes your fogless eyeglasses so much more of an attractive option. 


5.      Aids In Combating Humidity 

With the hot summer sun looming over our heads, we are sweating more profusely. Especially, if you are in a crowded area, there are bound to be more hot breaths and collective perspiration which results in increased moisture on your eyeglasses. By using fog free lenses for your eyeglasses, one can clearly avoid such situations and can go out in a better manner in summers or any weather for that matter! 

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