Actively caring for your eyes is essential to your vision, for years to come. Most of us are not only unsure about how to go about preserving our eyesight, we are also too uncaring about the organ that conducts 80% of what we perceive. What we do not realise, is that hesitating to take care of your eyes, and being indifferent to the state of your eyes are both potentially harmful to your daily routine and general physical and mental condition. This can be easily cured, with the help of the super trendy and stylish YourSpex eyeglasses and sunglasses.




Not Wearing Sunglasses

The afternoon sun can be beautiful, glorious even. But the sun can be very harmful to your skin and your eyes because of its UV rays. UV exposure can lead to decreased vision, corneal damage, and cataracts. To prevent any of these from occurring, the easiest protective measure would be grabbing a pair of sunglasses before you leave the house. Keeping one stylish pair of the YourSpex sunglasses collection by your side throughout the day would not only elevate your look but also keep your eyes from getting damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays. YourSpex can provide you with many handy and trendy sunglasses to keep at the ready, making you armed to beat the heat.


Using Electronic Devices and Watching Screens without a Blue Light Lens

Staring at electronic devices and screens can be difficult to stop, but it can also be necessary, for work, for school, for everything under the sun. It is evident to many users of electronic screens and devices, that they are undeniably harmful to your eyesight. Digital screens exert a strain on the muscles and capillaries of your eyes, hindering your eyes’ focus. To prevent this problematic impact, YourSpex can provide your favorite light, stylish, and comfortable computer specs for kids and adults. These computer specs use the blue-light filter on their lenses. YourSpex computer specs are not only healthy for your eyes, but also super stylish and cool, to suit your look.


Not Regularly Renewing Your Contact Lenses & Solutions

Like all medication, solutions should be replaced within a certain period of time; this ensures that it does not cause any issues arising in the eye of the user. Not periodically renewing your contact lenses and solutions risks bacteria entering your eyes, which could cause harmful infections; keratitis, conjunctivitis (pink eye) etc. YourSpex provides contact lenses, solutions, and eye drops at rates that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and will be beneficial for you and your eyes, for a long period of your life. YourSpex contact lenses come in different eye colors and other variations (plus convenient prices for you to be able to exchange them regularly!). You can avoid bacterial infections and look so stylish at the same time!


Not Checking up on Your Eyes Eye

examinations allow an optometrist to check and monitor the state of your eyesight and should be an aspect of everybody’s annual routines. It is essential for your doctor and for you to timely identify any problems that occur within your eyes, and how to solve them. It will indicate the corrections needed annually based on the deterioration of visual function over time. Over 75% of incidences of blindness are preventable if identified timely. While eye examinations have so much to offer, they are not of much use if not done regularly, and YourSpex can provide you with consistent visual acuity tests.


Provide Your Eyes with Regular Rest

Throughout your workday, the innumerable times you would strain your eye muscles can hamper your productivity, and mental and physical health. It is important to provide your eyes with even breaks from the constant struggles of a weekday; hours of screen time, an ungodly sleep schedule, you name it. You could prevent these tiring necessities from taking a toll on your eyes by following simple eye relaxation techniques; eye massages, palming, as well as using computer, and blue-light eyeglasses.


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