5 Signs You Need New Prescription Glasses

The purpose of an eyeglass with power is to optimize your vision, make you see clearly, and provide you with a better lifestyle. However, the quality of your vision can develop over time. Possessing a lens that does not match your vision will not only limit your ability to visually perceive but also has a high chance of catalyzing further deterioration of your vision. Here are some indications to take note of in your behavior in order to make the decision on whether you should procure a new prescriptive lens.


You feel the need to squint

After staring at books or screens for a long period of time, or during the night, you feel the need to press your eyes and squint them in order to see clearly, you must book an eye checkup appointment.


Sensitivity to light

Bright lights may cause you to shut your eyes in pain, which could be a massive signal telling you to get your prescription and eyes checked as quickly as possible.


Frequent headaches

If you have been experiencing migraines which bring sore eyes, overly dry or watery eyes, double vision, and difficulty focusing, an eye-checkup is advisable.


Constant heaviness in your eyes

Eye fatigue may cause you significant strain, which should be addressed by means of an eye-check up, it may be related to your prescription, and a change in the same might lift the weight off your eyes.


Blurred vision

If you find that everything you see has blurred and fuzzed, and it is difficult for you to read because your vision is unclear, a prescription revaluation should be imminent.


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