Things to keep in mind while buying spectacles

The eyes are the most important organ of our body as it helps to navigate and experience the world to its fullest. It is extremely crucial to take proper care of your eyes. People who need vision correction or those who like to carry eyeglasses/sunglasses may find it extremely difficult to buy spectacles online. With everything available at the click of a button, buying spectacle online is as simple as that. But everyone has to keep a few things in mind to make sure you have well-fitted pair of eyeglasses which looks amazing and makes you feel confident. YourSpex is one the best place to find trendy and affordable spectacles online. Let’s dig into the points that you need to keep in mind while buying spectacles online.  


1. Up-to-date prescription 

It is very necessary to get your regular eye check-up done to ensure your prescription is always updated. If your prescription is not accurate, the wrong lenses might cause you discomfort such as headache, and improper/blurry vision. You can get your eyes tested in the comfort of your home by YourSpex professional optometrist. Visit to book an appointment where you can get your eyes tested, select your desired frame, and get it delivered to your doorstep.  


2. Decide your budget  

Before starting to explore all the options available for spectacles for women and spectacles for men, you need to land on a budget that you want to spend on buying spectacles online. YourSpex offers a variety of frames starting at just Rs.599/- only.    


3. Right Frame  

Every person has a different face shape and preference for their eyeglass frame. YourSpex offers a variety of frames from 3 major categories, i.e., Full-rim, half-rim, and rimless available in acetate and metal. Look for the material that you are most comfortable with. It is very important to check which frame is suitable for your face shape. You can virtually try all these eyeglasses through YourSpex AI Try-On.   


4. Perfect Fit  

Choosing a perfect fit is as important as choosing a perfect lens. If you are unaware of how to find the right fit, we have an easy technique for you. Every eyeglass has its dimension written on the inside of its temple (an arm of the eyeglass). For example, the dimension is 42-18-145, 42 is the dimension of the lens, 18 is the dimension of the nose bridge and 145 is the dimension of the eyeglass temple. Before putting any eyeglasses into a cart, always check the dimension written in the product description.  


5. Choose your Lens wisely  

The main and very essential part of buying an eyeglass is choosing the right lens for your vision correction. Choosing from single vision, zero power, progressive, and bifocals, you need to decide which lens will be apt to provide you accurate vision. YourSpex offers a game-changing prescription lens package, where you can customize any eyeglass with the desired add-ons such as anti-glare, anti-scratch, photochromatic, and a lot more.   


Plan To Buy Stylish Spectacles? 

In this blog, You will know more about "Things to keep in mind while buying spectacles" and their uses, you can easily book spectacles online for yourself, brothers, friends, and others from the YourSpex Official Eyewear Store.


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