Ray Ban Sunglasses

Summers are around the corner and you must be ready to hit the beach or the sunny mountains for that matter! It is time to take out your sunglasses. They are . So, why not invest in a pair of sunglasses that offer both? You guessed it right, we are talking about the fabled Ray Ban sunglasses - the ultimate eyewear to own if you wish to make a style statement! 

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses are considered to be the most popular choice of sunshades around the world. These iconic sunglasses have been in business since 1937 and have been a staple diet of Hollywood celebrities since time immemorial. In fact, not just Hollywood but celebrities from all walks of life are making a fashion statement by wearing a stately pair of Ray-Bans. Although Ray Ban frames have now become more of a luxurious fashion accessory to add to your collection, they have been known to provide the best type of protection against UV sun rays. 

What Makes Ray Ban Sunglasses So Popular Amongst Masses As Well As Classes?

Take a look at these 6 compelling reasons to add Ray Ban sunglasses to your collection now: 

Ray Ban Lenses Absorbs Maximum Light But Not Colours 

In fact, Ray Ban offers different types of lenses that offer different levels of protection against the UV rays of the sun. Take a look: 

  •          Classic Ray Ban lenses provide blockage against 85% of visible light.  Presenting you with a natural, clear vision, these types of lenses block out almost all the blue light.
  •          Polarised Ray-Ban lenses offer almost 99% of the reflected light blockage. They significantly decrease the glare making everything brighter.
  •          Mirrored Ray-Ban lenses are a necessity if you are around water or snow. They effectively cut down on glare and give clearer vision.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Can Fit In Prescription Lenses 

prescription glasses

 The good thing about Ray Ban frames is that they can easily accommodate your prescription lenses in their frame. Normally, with cheaper sunglasses, you do not get this option. In fact, Ray Ban sunglasses offer you to club together your prescription lenses with their various types of lenses as well. So now you can easily get your prescription fitted with Ray Ban with polarised lenses! One now doesn’t need to sacrifice style for practical eyewear. You can get a combination of both at Ray-Ban. It is the mission of the iconic eyewear brand to provide not just sunglasses for everyone but also offer maximum protection for everyone’s eyesight as well. 

Ray Ban Sunglasses Comes In Different Frame Sizes

sunglasses frames

Getting the right frame size for your face is very important. Imagine, if you get small-sized sunglasses, they would keep on pressing against your face causing discomfort. In fact, they won’t be able to block the sunlight properly. On the other hand, if the sunglasses are too large for your face, they will keep on slipping and may even fall off your face! Luckily for you, Ray Ban offers various frame sizes for you to choose from and find the right fit for your face shape. 

Ray Ban Offers Iconic Style Statement Sunglasses

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We all know about the Ray-Ban and their 3 major styles that are popular around the world- The Hollywood style Clubmaster, The classy Wayfarers, and The world famous Aviators. You have to admit, Ray Ban sunglasses are ultra-stylish, and sexy and enhance your look by manifolds. The club master style Ray Bans have been a Hollywood star's favorite ‘go-to accessory’ since its introduction. The Wayfarers are just like Clubmaster sunglasses but are thicker around the whole frame. And who can forget the ultimate style icon- The Ray Ban aviators? With its large lenses in a thin frame, these types of Ray-Bans look uber cool and suit all types of face shapes. 

Ray Ban Sunglasses are Affordable, Durable, and Quality Luxury Items 

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A brand that has been making sunglasses for 85 years must be doing something right for being in existence for so long. They offer sturdy, durable, scratch-resistant, and quality frames that offer round-the-clock protection against UV rays, blue light, and glare. The price point of Ray-Ban is also not something that will make your budget go haywire. They are known to be affordable luxury sunglasses

Ray-Ban Works On Your Insurance Companies

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If your insurance company covers vision expenses, then you can get a fair reduction in price on your prescription lenses Ray Ban sunglasses. Now, how cool is that! 

To conclude, Ray Ban sunglasses are worth every penny to own. So do not stop yourself from getting your hands on the fashionable Ray-Ban sunglasses this season!