Cat eye glasses

Since time immemorial women and their fashion trends go hand in hand. And fashion, let me tell you, is not just about clothes! For women especially, it is also to do with their shoes, handbags, scarves, hair piece, jewellery and also eyewear! Yes, your glasses speak volumes about your personality. When it comes to choosing the most fashionable pair of eyeglasses, the name that has been in circulation for decades is the very chic yet cool looking Cat-eye glasses or spectacles. These types of glasses have withstood the changing dynamics of the eyewear industry as well as the tastes of the customers.

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Cat eye glasses are known to be the most feminine yet stylish pair of glasses that a woman can own. The shape of Cat-eye glasses is defined by a distinguished upsweep on the outer edges of the frame right where the temple arms are joined. The best thing about Cat-eye spectacles is that they can look good with both casual, formal as well ethnic outfits. If you wish to portray a sophisticated as well as fashionable image, then Cat-eye glasses are your best bet girl! 

However, there are certain things that one should know before buying a pair of Cat-eye glasses. Here we are giving you a comprehensive guide about everything there is to know about Cat-eye glasses.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Cat eye Glasses

Face Shape

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There are five most common face shapes in the world- square, oval, round, heart and diamond. Let me tell you that as per the studies and data, if you have a round or heart face shape, then Cat-eye spectacles will look best on you.

Colour Of The Frame

frame colorLook for the type of colour that will go with the type of dresses or attires you usually wear. If you wish to portray a classy image, then opting for sophisticated colours like blacks, greys or muted reds will go. If you wish to add a fun vibe to your personality, then you should go for funky colours like aqua blue, green, pink etc.

Fitting Of The Frame

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The fitting of your frame is very important. Even if your face shape is round or heart, choosing the right type of frame is very crucial because that would define your whole look. The right frame fitting can enhance your persona by manifolds. So always look for Cat-eye frames that fit your face shape properly. To get an idea about your frame measurements, you can check the inner side of the temple rims of your old frames. The numbers are usually written there.

Types Of Cat-eye Glasses

Classic Cat Eye GlassesDark Blue Cat Eye Full Rim Acetate Glasses Frame

Classic Cat-eye glasses are the most popular choice of eyewear in this category. These vintage classic spectacles are loved by millions since their inception decades and decades ago and are still a favourite amongst women.

Tortoise-shell Cat Eye Glasses

Black Tortoise Cateye Style Metal Women Glasses Frame

Nothing speaks more retro than the classic Cat-eye glasses with a tortoise-shell frame. This 50s-style vintage pair of glasses with tortoise-shell in softer, muted tones that was made popular by Hollywood starlets are still a favourite today.

Black Cat Eye Glasses

Dark Blue Cat Eye Full Rim Acetate Glasses Frame

The retro chunky style, standard Cat eye frames can be easily found online. In fact, world-famous eyewear brands like Ray-Ban offer spectacularly muted classic chunky black Cat-eye glasses for women.

Oversized Cat-eye glasses

Red Cateye UV Protected Sunglass for Women

Our personal favourites, the oversized Cat-eye glasses give you a real retro look with a statement-making pair of glasses. Be it rhinestone, or tortoise-shell, the funky-looking oversized Cat-eye glasses are a hit amongst women these days.

Red Cat Eye Glasses

Red Cateyes Full Rim Acetate & Metal Women Eyeglasses Frame

These striking red Cat-eye glasses offer a modern twist on the classic tale of Cat eye chasma. Get ready to add spunk to your style statement with the brightly coloured red Cat-eye glasses.

Accented Cat Eye Glasses

Transparent Light Brown Cat Eye Glasses Frames with Full Rim Acetate

You can find colour-blocked Cat-eye chasma that draws attention towards the wing as compared to their vintage counterparts that focus more on bejewelled tones.

Rhinestone Cat Eye Glasses

VOGUE FORERUNNER Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

Nowadays, these types of rhinestone studded Cat eyeglasses are a rarity, but if you are a fan of classic and vintage style Cat-eye frames, you can buy them in collector’s editions.

To conclude, Cat-eye glasses are one of the most coveted fashionable pairs of spectacles in the market for women. If you wish to buy a pair for yourself, the things to keep in mind are your face shape and fitting as well as the colour combination you wish to pursue. One should also pay attention to the various styles of Cat-eye glasses available in the market and buy one that defines and enhances their personality the best!