How many times have you bought something but when you use it in your daily routine, you don’t find it as comfortable and useful as you imagined it to be? Quite often, yes! And if it is something like your new spectacles or glasses that help you to see clearly but are not doing their designed job, then it does become quite tiresome. And if that expensive pair of trendy spectacles is just ‘all show and no work’, then it is heartbreaking and adds to one’s stress levels.


Have you ever wondered what to do in such a case if you are facing trouble with your spectacles? Does the lens often come out of your frame? Do your spectacles lenses are covered with scratches that are not going away? Has one of your temples broken or come off loose from its frame? So, what does one do in such a scenario? Well, visiting your optometrist is one of the solutions.

Eyeglasses are supposed to correct any refractive errors with your eyes and award you with clear and comfortable vision. If that is not the case with your glasses, it is time you should pay attention here.

So, let us look at some of the common problems faced with glasses and their possible solutions

When spectacles are always slipping off your nose

It is really bothersome to have your trendy spectacles slip off your nose all the time. It does get frustrating and irritating to the point that one might do away with the spectacles altogether and quit wearing them. But that won’t help your vision, will it?

issue with spectacles

So, what makes your glasses slide down your nose? It could be because of

  • Poor-fitting of the frames
  • The large size of the frame
  • Old, worn-out frames
  • Heavy lenses of the frame
  • The plastic body of the frame
  • Heavy sweating on the face

As a matter of fact, the plastic body of your glasses frame has a tendency to stretch out if you spend long hours outdoors. This makes the spectacles too large for your face, thus resulting in them falling off your nose.

How To Fix This Issue?

You can think about increasing the support around your temples to make your glasses more sturdy. As a matter of fact, you can always opt for plastic temple supports or specialized headbands to keep your glasses from slipping off your nose. You can also add nose pads to make your glasses stay for longer periods on your nose.

If your frames are worn out and have become old, chances are they would require repair from time to time. So, you can also think about buying a new pair of spectacles online that is also light in weight and fits your face properly.

When Your Transition Lenses Do Not Darken Inside Car

Well, car windows are made to filter out the UV rays of the sun. So, this must be one of the causes for the spectacles not becoming dark inside the car.

photochromatic lenses

How To Fix This Issue?

You should invest in a good pair of sunglasses that comes with a polarized lens. A good pair of sunglasses protect your eyes against harmful UV rays and also cuts down on glare. Most of the sunglasses can also be fitted with your prescription lenses, thus giving you dual benefits.

When Glasses Are Making It Difficult To Drive At Night

driving glasses

At night, your eyes get affected by the glare of the headlights of other cars on the road.

How To Fix This Issue

 You can always get anti-reflective coating lenses for your glasses. These are thinner than regular lenses and help cut down glare by a huge margin.

When You Are Taking Time To Get Adjusted To Your Multifocal Or Bifocal Spectacles

Bifocal Chasma come with a bisecting line in the middle of the lens called the D-segment. And this is what makes it difficult to get adjusted to people wearing bifocal spectacles. This would require some practice to get used to for which you can always contact your optometrist or eye doctor.


As a matter of fact, advancement in technology has given birth to multifocal or progressive lens spectacles. And these lenses are made without the segment line.

How To Fix This Issue?

With time and practice, you will eventually get accustomed to focusing your eyes on the bottom part of the lens for nearby objects and on the top part for seeing objects in the distance.

A good pair of chasma can make your life really smooth and easy. Having the right fit and frame as per your requirement is thus highly recommended. However, if you are still facing trouble with your spectacles and eye vision, we would highly advise you to visit your eye doctor for further analysis.