Anti Reflective Coating

Let us all face it. When it comes to buying the right type of spectacles for you, there is more to it than just handing in the prescription and choosing the frame. There are a lot of factors to choose from such that the customer is spoiled for choices. But what is more important than the frame of your spectacles is the lens- the very thing for which you got a prescription, the corrective support that will aid you in seeing properly. So, when it comes to the lens material, these days there is a very important question that is resurfacing again and again- anti-reflective coating lens or anti-glare lens. 

So, What Exactly Are These Anti-Reflective Lenses? 

The anti-reflective coating in the lens is designed specifically to reduce the amount of reflective light passing through the spectacle frames. In fact, anti-reflective coating lenses cut down almost all types of reflections from the surface of your lens, thus awarding you with improved vision. These types of anti-reflective lens coatings can be applied on the front, back, or both sides of the lens. It helps exponentially in regulating the amount of light entering your eyes. 

glasses anti-reflective coating

A normal anti-reflective coating lens consists of two layers at best- an anti-reflective layer and a scratch-resisting layer. These layers are made of metal oxides which when applied to the surface of the lens, effectively lower the amount of light reflected on the spectacle frame lens. This results in granting access to more light to pass through your lens all the while significantly cutting down on the glare. 

Who All Need Anti-Reflective Lens-Coated Spectacles?  

Is it suitable for all or designed for specific individuals? In our opinion, anti-reflective or anti-glare spectacles lenses are always better than regular lenses. They do help you see better as well as feel better! These lenses do provide safety from excessive glare and reflections especially if you live or work in a space that has indescribable amounts of sun glare and reflection. 


You definitely need anti-reflective coating lenses if: 

  •          Your mobile or laptop screen time is quite high
  •          You have difficulty seeing clearly at night while driving 
  •          You have sensitive eyes that get bothered by reflection easily

Types Of Anti-Reflective Coatings Lenses 

Anti-reflective or AR coating lenses come in a variety of types which include- standard single vision correction lenses for distance or close vision, progressive or bifocal lenses, reading lenses, blue light blocking lenses, and the famous transition lenses that provide automatic adjustment to the amount of light depending upon the environment you are in. 

Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings  

If you are seriously bothered by the glare, then anti-reflective and anti-glare lens coating is seriously good for you. These are worth the extra cost! Here, we are listing some other quite popular benefits of having anti-reflective lens-coating spectacles that are totally worth the extra cost. Take a look: 

Enhances Your Vision

enhance your vision

The AR coating or anti-reflective coating allows more light to pass through the lens of your spectacles frames. In return, it awards you with clearer vision and a reduction in glare. In other words, it enhances the way you look at the world around you- be it your workplace, classroom, or anywhere else for that matter! 

Reduces Digital Eye Strain

eye strain

Anti-reflective coating helps provide protection against the harmful blue light emitting from your digital devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, TV screens, etc. Your digital eye strain is reduced by a huge margin with an AR coating lens and you are rewarded with healthy, well-rested eyes. 

Increases The Shelf Life Of Lenses 


Anti-reflective lens coating increases the shelf life of your glasses. It provides protection against smudges, scratches, dirt or oil secretion, etc. It visibly cuts down on the cost of replacing lenses as you no longer need to buy them frequently. 

Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays 

uv protected glasses

Anti-reflective coating lenses are also known to provide valid protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. We all know what prolonged exposure to UV sunlight rays can do to our eyes- diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration & corneal damage. 

Improves Your Look

look good

Without that nosey glare reflecting from your lens frames, your friends and family members or strangers for even that matter can see you clearly. So pose happily for that Instagram picture or video chat with your Tinder date without worrying about your looks at all! Let’s put it this way. Your beautiful eyes are no longer hidden behind the reflective lens of a regular frame. 

So in our opinion, buying anti-reflective lens coating chasma is totally worth the cost- it is better to invest in a long-lasting pair of lenses that also offer protection to your eyes. So, next time you visit your eye doctor, do consult him about anti-reflective lens coating.