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Taking proper care of your eyes not just helps them stay healthy but also keeps them away from strain or headaches that has become so normal after the rise in the use of mobiles and computers but just by taking care of them, adopting healthy habit and hygiene, you can keep your eyes protected.

spending time with phone

Spending time with mobile and computer screens may be something that you can’t resist in this digital era but spectacles with a blue-blocking coating can help you the best.

How can Blue Light hurt your eyes?

There was a time when people used to be exposed to blue light mainly outdoors but now with the increased use of screens, people are exposed to more of it indoors and the constant exposure to it, hurts the eyes of everyone.

The reason why you should switch to spectacles with the blue Lens Coating:

Eye Protection

eye protection

Constant exposure to screens can be the reason for many eye diseases. The best way of keeping your eye health and protected is to do what is right for them and when you wear spectacles that offer you protection from blue light, your eyes stay protected and this may also reduce the risk of eye diseases.

Help with Eye Strain

eye protection

There must be people around you always complaining about eye strain or headaches but without taking the right measure, nothing can help them. Suggest them wear spectacles that have a blue lens coating because it can be the easiest way to help you reduce eye strain and make life easy.

Better Sleep

better sleep

Your disturbed sleep may be making you dizzy and down all day and causing less productivity and the reason could be continuous or excessive exposure to blue light. The best thing you can do to help your sleep is to start wearing spectacle frames with a blue-blocking coating.

Enhance your Look
glasses to enhance your look

Spectacles now are not less than any fashion accessory, when you wear spectacles they do not just help you with eye protection but when you know how to buy the eyewear right for your face shape and skin tone, you’ll end up buying a fashion accessory that will offer you the right eye protection with enhancing your look.

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Why YourSpex for Lens Customization?

YourSpex works on a unique model of a mix of style, sustainability, and pocket-friendliness, thus offering consumers the luxury of choosing premiere designs and styles. 

lens customization

YourSpex is that eyewear brand that is focused on making the customer experience the best it can be and knowing that lens customization is something that everyone needs, YourSpex has made it easiest for customers to choose customizable lenses to add a lens or more tint, blue-light filter,  anti-reflective coating, or scratch-resistant technology to their eyewear without the need for anything else with keeping the prices reasonable. 

YourSpex has the widest collection of chasma whether spectacles or sunglasses that are not just trendy but affordable too!