Personality booster, protection for eyes, or a medium to vision correction, there are many roles that sunglasses play in your life and they have been the favorite accessory to people for generations. Being available in multiple shapes and thousands of colors has made it easy for people to buy sunglasses that are right for their face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle too, and the best part with this generation is the availability of power sunglasses for people with visual issues. 

But even after such a transition with sunglasses and the lifestyle, there are some misconceptions that people still believe, let’s explore them in our blog to put an end to them.

Misconceptions about Sunglasses

Wearing Sunglasses only on sunny days


Whether it’s a sunny day with the brightest sunlight or a cloudy one with little darkness, the presence of UV rays is always there in the atmosphere and there are also changes, that may harm your eye. So, why take the risk for your delicate eyes that are the reason for your vision? From now, make sure to have your sunglasses on your eyes as a shield to stay protected in any weather.

Buying Sunglasses of any Frame and Size 

When it comes to eye protection, it is always recommended to wear sunglasses that are larger in size and able to cover them properly. Buying such sunglasses not only keeps your eyes safe but also offers protection to nearby areas to your eyes.

sunglass frames

The size and frame are enough to change your sunglass game as eye protection, it also matters for keeping you comfortable with them and when you buy sunglasses that are suitable for your face shape, they will also enhance your look. Confused? Get yourself guided - The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

Sunglasses are not Right for Kids

We know, how important your little ones are for you so stop believing in misconceptions like this and start knowing the facts. The kids’ eyes are more delicate like them so keeping them protected is your other duty.  

kids sunglasses

There are sunglasses for kids to make sure their eyes are always protected whenever they step out, all you place an order for sunglasses for kids so they stay safe whenever they step out.

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Dark-colored sunglasses offer better eye protection

brown sunglasses

Buying especially brown, black, or blue sunglasses for eye protection doesn’t make them a good medium of eye protection.  To keep your eye safe and always protected, you must buy sunglasses that assure complete UVA and UVB protection so on your next purchase of goggles, with their dark shade, make sure that they have a coating for UV protection too. 

Polarized lenses offer more protection 

polarized sunglasses

The sunglasses with polarized lens coating reduces glare and that create enhance visual clarity so they are really beneficial while you driving or enjoying your boating in sunlight that doesn’t mean your eyes are protected so to make polarized sunglasses offer you the right eye protection, making sure you’ve your UV coating done in them.

Sunglasses aren’t for People who wear Spectacles 

power sunglasses

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about sunglasses is people with visual clarity issues can’t wear sunglasses. The invention of power sunglasses is a clear end to this misconception and you can easily customize sunglasses into power sunglasses. Confused? Have a look at our blogs - Things to Know Before Buying Power Sunglasses and Power Sunglasses to Style you & Correct Your Vision

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