Rainy weather is often associated with overcast skies, gloomy moods, and the need for umbrellas and raincoats. The calm and refreshing rainy days are enough to lighten your mood, brighten your life, and offer relief from the hot summer. When it comes to protection, sunglasses are a real hero in the rainy season too.

You may forget about wearing sunglasses while enjoying the rain but they must keep on in every season. From offering your eyes the comfort they need to keep them protected, let’s explore the role of sunglasses in the rainy season. 

Protection from Glare


There is more reflection in the atmosphere in the rainy seasons as the wet surfaces, such as wet roads, pavements, and cars, these surfaces reflect light, creating glare that can strain our eyes and potentially lead to accidents so to stay protected from glare, so anti-glare sunglasses would be a perfect fit to your eyes in the rainy seasons.

Shielding from UV Rays

protection from glare

Usually, people prefer wearing sunglasses in the summer but this is a misconception that we have already put an end to in our previous blog - Dispelling the Misconceptions: Unraveling the Truth about Sunglasses as due to the Presence of UV Rays in All the Weather and even in the darkest days, there are chances that the UV rays may hurt your eyes so to shield your eyes from UV rays, the sunglasses are must in rainy days. 

Comfort, Reduced Strain, and Ease

ease with sunglasses

Rainy weather often causes people to squint or strain their eyes due to the combination of bright light and the presence of water droplets and sunglasses can be the perfect solution for this. The right sunglasses will keep you away from the strain and offer you the right ease, comfort, and style to you.

Perfect Fashion Accessory

You can pair your sunglasses with your outfit and fashionable rainy day accessory. If you buy sunglasses that are right to your face shape and skin tone can elevate your overall look. By pairing the right colors, you can look fashionable just by wearing the sunglasses right for you.

fashion accessoryYourSpex has a wide collection of sunglasses to keep your look elevated and your eyes protected, all you need is to choose the one right for you!