Power sunglasses

Are you tired of squinting in the sun and looking for eyewear that can offer you visual clarity while driving with making everything sure about eye protection? Power sunglasses are specially designed for people with vision correction issues to offer them complete visual clarity and UV protection without losing their style.

Benefits of  Power Sunglasses

Powered Sunglasses for Visual Clarity

 visual clarity

With reduced glare to make sure that you get complete visual clarity while driving and the bright light never makes you squinting again while correcting your vision too, The powered sunglasses will just work like a superhero and make everything easy for you so if you are annoyed with your glasses for not offering you anything for outdoor, the power sunglasses will work perfectly in your favor.

Eye Protection with Power Sunglasses

eye protection with YourSpex

UV rays are a threat to people for hurting eyes from generations as it can hurt your eyes immensely and earlier it was not so easy to keep your eye protected but now the powered sunglasses with correcting your vision, will always make sure that your eyes are always protected from UV rays with keeping you in the right style so have power sunglasses in your collection and be live freely even in outdoors.

Ease with Powered Sunglasses

sunglasses with ease

The pain of switching between glasses and sunglasses is always used to make people feel helpless. There will be complete ease with power Sunglasses throughout the day and you’ll be more comfortable you may find that your vision is so much clearer with them and that will make you want to wear your powered glasses all the time.

Powered Sunglasses for Vogue

From offering the best possible visible clarity to offering you the right eye care, Power sunglasses will also work as a fashion accessory and they will work the best to make you look good and always in style.

sunglasses for vogue

At YourSpex, you can choose and buy sunglasses online from any style and turn it into sunglasses with power lenses. Just make sure to add your prescription while placing the order or talk our support to help you out.

Things to consider before buying Powered Sunglasses

With Power sunglasses too, you will get many addons or options that can make the experience of wearing them far better so here are some tips to make your power sunglasses purchase the best.

Lens Type or Coating

lens coating

Different lens coatings are there including polycarbonate, high-index plastic, and glass. At YourSpex, It’s your choice to end up coating your power glasses with the one which you think is perfect according to your convenience. 

Adding Right Prescription

prescription - YourSpex


The obvious idea behind the creation of power sunglasses is to help people with power issues wear sunglasses that was never possible without contact lenses. It is important to get your eyes checked or get your home eye test done before sharing your prescription to have a seamless experience with sunglasses that you can everywhere you go make sure that you share an accurate prescription

Lens Color

sunglasses color

Another thing that matters to make your power sunglasses shopping the best and deciding the overall look of power sunglasses is the color of lenses. YourSpex always recommends choosing the lens color that works perfectly with your skin tone before you buy sunglasses online.

Unique Choices of Powered Sunglasses at YourSpex

YourSpex has the widest collection of chasma for both spectacles and sunglasses for men and women and the coolest thing about buying sunglasses from YourSpex is that you’ll get the option for lens customization with an easy return and refund policy.

From Clubmaster, cateye, Flex to Clip-ons, YourSpex has everything in their collection to make you always happy and satisfied with your eyewear shopping.