As summer approaches, it's time to update your eyewear collection with some new and stylish chasma that is trending. This is the right time to buy eyewear to keep your eyes protected with keeping your look the best.

stylish chasma

Whether you prefer cat eye chasma or stay with the classic aviator to keep yourself cool in summer, here are some coolest chasma trends of the season that you need to know about and add to your wardrobe.

Cat-Eye Chasma

Silver Cateyes Full Rim Titanium Frame for Women

From being in trend for a few years, it will still make you look classy like ever before, and if you already have some in your collection, they are in right place.  This summer, designers are putting their spin on this classic shape by adding unique details like exaggerated angles or oversized frames. Whether you prefer a subtle cat-eye or an all-out dramatic style, there's a pair of chasma for you.

Chasma with Transparent Frames

Transparent Large Square Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Transparent frames are not less than a wave in the fashion industry and the best thing about them is they are those glasses that fit perfectly well with all face shapes and skin tones. Keeping you always in style without making any dramatic change to your look, they are the perfect blend of simplicity and fashion so, this summer update your collection of spectacles with some transparent frames to always slay with your style.

Chasma with Tinted Lenses

Black Hexagon Unisex UV Protected Sunglass

Gone are the days when the basic color like black, grey, and brown used to rule the eyewear industry. Keeping you calm and your eyes relaxed more than any basic chasma, this chashma with tinted lenses may be the reason to keep you away from stress. Whether call it bold or calm, these chasma with tinted lenses are making a statement this summer so get yourself some chasma with tinted lenses to match your outfits.

Retro Chasma

Brown Tort Full-Rim Square Eyeglasses for Men

The retro-inspired round frames have already made a comeback and waiting for you to update your collection with them. The dramatic retro chasma that used to be everyones’ pick is again trending this summer and will make a big impact. From stylish chasma with smaller frames for a minimalist look and an oversized one to bold statements, the choice is yours!

Thick Frame Chasma

Thick Red Spectacles Frames Square Full Rim Acetate Frame for Men & Women

The most trending of now is the thick chasma frame that is already ruling the fashion trend and in the eyes of everyone from fashion stars to the common ones, the thing that makes them in trend is the comfort and the ability to make people stylish and young. The best thing about this thick-framed chasma is the thickness of the frame matches the length of the lenses which enhances facial features and makes people look younger and more attractive.

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Whether you wear chasma for eye protection or to enhance your look, before purchasing your spectacles, make sure they offer you the right eye protection and also fit you well to offer comfort and right according to your face shape and skin tone.