Wayfarer Glasses 

Wayfarer Glasses 

No Doubt, The wayfarers are designed exquisitely to offer you the look you ever desired. Wayfarer glasses are one of those glasses frames that carry the capabilities of making you look stunningly simple. Wayfarer glasses are one of the most popular glasses frames these days and are loved by everyone.

Launched in 1952, Wayfarers emerged from the Rochester, New York, headquarters of Bausch + Lomb. Wayfarers glasses are the trendsetter; an icon for the best part of a century and never lose their popularity and remain one of the most popular styles of shade to this day.

Types of Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer glasses come in many styles, shapes, and colors that go with almost all face shapes. They are perfect for people with oval faces, oblong, and round as the full frame matches the width of their faces.

How to Choose Wayfarer Glasses Frames

There are many styles, shapes, and colors available in Wayfarer Glasses, choosing the right one is quite tricky so here are some points that you can consider before buying our Wayfarer frames.

The Shape of Wayfarer Glasses

Some frame shapes are perfect for your face and some do not go with it. Choosing the right shape of glasses frames is something you must do accurately before placing an order for your Wayfarer frame, know your face shape. 

Wayfarer Frames

Wayfarer Glasses generally come in horizontal rectangle shapes and if you have an oval, rectangle, or oblong face shape, they are perfect for you.

The Color of Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer Glasses come in Plenty of colors and it would not be hard to find the right one for any skin tone. Whether transparent, pink, black, or blue Wayfarer Glasses, Choosing the color is a personal choice but always go with the color that you think is right for your skin tone and also go with your personality.

wayfarer frames

YourSpex has a wide range of Wayfarer Glasses Frames that you would love, Here are some of the trendiest Wayfarer Glasses Frames, that you would love to have in your collection:

Transparent Wayfarer Eyeglasses for Men and Women

When life gives an unclear vision, correct it with a style and make it a style statement. Transparent Wayfarer Eyeglasses by YourSpex are something for you out the best.

Transparent Wayfarer Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Brown Tort Wayfarer Full Rim Acetate Metal Frame for Men

Brown Tort Wayfarer full-rim acetate metal is the best companion for your office to your night parties. A full-rimmed wayfarer by YourSpex is something that can instantly amp up your look. 

Brown Tort Wayfarer Full Rim Acetate Metal Frame for Men

Light Brown Wayfarer Spectacles Full Rim TR-90 Frame for Kids

The light brown Wayfarer spectacles by YourSpex are something your kid would love to wear. Adding protection to your kid’s eyes to correct vision and make them look funky, Light brown Wayfarer spectacles are perfect for your little love.

YourSpex Wayfarer Spectacles Case

Black Wayfarer Glasses Frames with Full Rim Acetate

Black Wayfarer Glasses Frames with Full Rim Acetate come in a beautiful black shimmering texture. These full rims never let you compromise overlooks with the super frothy acetate frames. 

YourSpex Wayfarer Glasses Frames Case

Some other Wayfarer Glasses Frames:

Transparent Grey Wayfarer Eyeglasses

Wine Wayfarer Glasses

Light Green Wayfarer Glasses

Grey Brown Wayfarer Glasses

Black Blue Wayfarer Glasses

Brown Wayfarer Glasses

Light Grey Wayfarer Glasses

Check out the trendiest collection of Glasses frames at YourSpex and buy Wayfarer Glasses right for you!