Eyewear, from playing the role of vision corrector, protects our eyes from harmful UV radiations and, also helps us add a spark to our overall looks. Eyewear is the life savior for all people with vision defects and is most popular among youngsters as an element of fashion that they can carry anywhere with them.

Role of Eyewear

Eyewear for Vision Correction

Eyewear is correcting the vision of people for generations, there was a time when they used to look boring and nerdy but with time and technology, they have become a part of accessories and people love to carry them everywhere.

vision correction

Eyewear to Protect eyes from UV Rays

We all know the value of eyes in our lives and we are also aware of how delicate they are. The harmful UV rays can hurt the eyes anytime so they should always be protected. Sunglasses help our eyes stay protected from UV traditions. 

eyewear for UV protection

Eyewear to Protect Eyes from Air Debris

Sunglasses not just protect your eyes from UV rays but also give a layer of protection to your eyes from air debris or dust. The best and most effective way to keep your eyes safe is by wearing safety glasses that have impact-resistant lenses.

eye protection

Eyewear for Fashion

With Sunglasses, spectacles too have become a part of fashion and also help us add a final touch to your look. Wearing eyewear right for you is best for revamping your overall personality and making you stand out from the crowd. Eyewear is the easiest fashion accessory that you can wear anywhere.

fashion eyewear

Eyewear for Blue Light Blocking

With digitalization, there is always a raise in the use of screens. Continuous use of screens creates eye strain and also hurt our eyes. Spectacles with the blue light filter will help you stay protected from blue light and may also reduce strain and headaches.

Computer spex

Eyewear for making Reading Better

If you’re a book lover, reading glasses are just for you. Reading glasses are best for making your reading experience better and will also help you improve your vision. Reading glasses can help compensate for diminished vision like presbyopia.

reading glasses

How to buy Eyewear?

Eyewear that is right for you will not just help you with vision correction and eye protection, it will also help you enhance your personality choosing the eyewear and eyewear brand right for you is tricky, so here are some tips that will help you with your buy!

Right Eyewear Frame Shape and Size

Choosing the eyewear frame size and shape right for your face is something you must do accurately. Start with knowing your face shape and the suitable frame and then the color that will go with your skin tone. The right eyewear is all you need to add a spark to your outfits.

frame shapes

Eyewear Material

In general, frames made from metal, titanium, or alloys (a mixture of metals) stand up well to wear and tear. With the combination of technology and Fashion, eyewear now is no more boring and nerdy, they are very comfortable and stylish than ever before. 

Lens Coating

The next step while choosing your eyewear, make sure you are adding a layer of lens coating protective layers to protect your eyes from blue light and UV rays that can hurt your eyes. There are other coatings too that you can select at the time of your purchase from YourSpex - the right eyewear brand for you!

Eyewear Brand

With the growth of the online market, there is also a rise in eCommerce but not all eyewear brands will fulfill your expectations. You should choose an eyewear brand that stays loyal to its products and services before and after the purchase and also comes under your budget.


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