Spectacles to Protect Eyes from Strain & Stress

Spectacles not just help you make you see the world clearer but also help your eyes stay protected from strain and stress, all you need to do is lens customization of your spectacles that is right for you!

With the advancement of technology, spectacles are more comfortable and they come with lens coating that helps you stay protected from strain and stress.

What is Lens Customization?

Customization enables you to get the correct fit into your lenses to correct your vision and customization to make your eyes protected from harmful UV radiation or blue light filtration is an add-on. With Lens customization, your eyes can stay protected without any effort.

Types of Lens Customization

Before moving to the customization of your spectacle, make sure you know about the type of customization you can have into your chasma and what will work best for you.

Spectacles with Anti Glare or anti-Reflective Coatings

If you are more into activities like driving, Anti-glare or Anti-Reflective coatings will work best for you.

spectacles with anti glare

The purpose of Anti-Reflective Coating is to reduce the amount of glare that reflects off of the lenses themselves while allowing more light to pass through into your eye to give you clearer and sharper vision.

Spectacles with Anti-fog Coatings

anti-fog glasses

The anti-fog coating on lenses minimizes surface tension and prevents the formation of vapor. In other words, anti-fog glasses repel humidity and keep your lenses from getting cloudy. A coating like anti-fog offers you many benefits like helping you see better and feel better.

Spectacles with Anti-Scratch Coating

Anti Scratch Glasses with Anti-Scratch Coating | Essilor India

The anti-scratch coating is perfect to make your spectacles prone to getting scrapes and ugly scratches on the surface.  This coating is perfect to make your spex durable, likely to break upon impact, and also a clearer view for a long time.

Chasma with Blue X Coating

blue light filteration spectacles

If you’re someone who spends most of the time with the computer screen then you need blue X coating for your spectacles. Continuous exposure to screens is not good for eye health, they could damage the retina and cause vision problems. Chasma Frame with Blue X Coating will help your eyes stay protected.

Spectacles with Photochromatic Coating


For people who wear spectacles all the time, Photochromatic Coating is just right for them. They perform two roles, the first is to protect your eyes from UV rays and there won’t be a need for another prescription chasma.

A Chasma with Blue X Coating and anti-glare coating is something perfect to protect your eyes from strain and stress.

Here are some best spectacles frames at YourSpex - Best Eyewear Brand that you can buy and get the customization done to say bye to Stress and Strain!

Magnetic Clip on Glasses

Rectangle Eyeglasses

Square Frame Glasses

Blue Glasses Frames

Grey Cateye Eyeglasses

Black Glossy/Matte Flex Eyeglass

Gold Black Rectangle Metal Frame

Rose Gold Cateyes Metal Frame

Black Gold Aviator Eyeglasses for Men

Black Tortoise Cateye Metal Frame