A trendy Chasma right according to your face shape is the best and instant accessory that you can wear anytime and everywhere you want. A right chasma frame can make you look perfect with any outfit and make you stand out on any occasion whether you are going shopping or on an outing with friends. 

Different face shapes need different chasma frames according to the face structure and wearing a chasma according to face shape can help you enhance your facial features and overall personality. 

An oval shape is considered to be the ideal face shape, because of balanced proportions. In the blog, we’ll discuss about how to choose a chasma frame for oval-shaped faces. 

How to Identify an Oval face? 

If you are trying to know your face shape and the suitable frames accordingly, read “The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face” at YourSpex. Finding the right chasma frame can be tricky so we are here to help you out. 

Characteristics of Oval-Shaped Face: 


Oval face

Faces with a narrow forehead with a slightly narrow chin, curvy jaw line, and high cheekbones are Oval. 

An oval can wear a chasma frame of any type. Balanced proportions make it the best of rest. You can wear any chasma but be careful while making the decision and to create a perfect balance and natural look, select the most suitable frames. 

If your face is oval, try to avoid a very narrow frame or a frame with heavy design elements. Both can add unnecessary length to your face shape.  

We will show you the best chasma frames that you can without any second thought! 

Which Chasma frames look best on an Oval face? 

chasma types for oval face

Round Chasma

Round chasma is best to balance out an oval face shape. You can buy a round chasma frame both retro and modern round designs, with thick or thin frames according to your choice. Round chasma is best as they look formal and stylish too. 

Tortoise Brown MOD Aviator Style Acetate Eyeglasses Frames for Men

Rectangular Chasma

Rectangular chasma is also perfect for all those having an oval face shape. They're wider than they are long, the opposite of your facial proportions. You can check out the trendiest rectangular chasma frames at YourSpex. 

Dark Brown Rectangular Rimless Glasses Frames for Unisex

Cat Eye Chasma

Cat eye chasma frame is the best suitable for all people with an oval face shape. The oval face-shaped people basically have rounded chins and foreheads so spectacles with a cat eye frame are best to achieve the perfect look. 

YourSpex Ladies Cat Eye Glasses Frames

Square Chasma

Like round and rectangular, square chasma frames work perfectly for all buddies with an oval shape. These square chasma frames can offer even more contrast and dimensionality than rectangular frames. Choose a square chasma frame and try with AI-Tryon before placing an order. 

Checkers Square Shaped Acetate Eyeglasses Frames for Men

Aviator Chasma

Aviator chasma frames look good, especially on people with an oval shape. If you are exploring the internet to buy an Aviator chasma frame, check out the wide collection of spectacles online at YourSpex to buy the right for you! 

Black Gold Aviator Eyeglasses for Men


What you shouldn’t do when buying a Chasma frame for an Oval-shaped face? 

  • Buying too small and too large sized frames: 
  • Spex that are Uncomfortable: 
  • Color that doesn’t suit your skin tone. 

With knowing all these things, now you can easily have a chasma frame right for your oval face!