Being updated with the latest trends and fashion statements doesn’t just add confidence but also makes a positive influence on your environment. We know how the importance of spectacles for people with vision issues and we all know how good can they make an impact on your whole look and personality.

Customized Spectacle Frames

Gradient Purple Square Rimless Sunglass for Women

Custom spectacle frames featuring engraving are a new trend in eyewear that allows you to personalize your eyewear in a way that's uniquely you. Customization is already a trend in itself. From fashion to clothing, adding a personal touch is something in love. They will stay in trend in 2023 too.

Spectacles with Retro-Tinted Frames and Lenses

Retro Vintage Pilot Men Sunglass UV400 Protected

Spectacles with Retro-tinted frames and lenses will soon be seen on the faces of every fashion freak in 2023. Retro glasses also known as vintage-inspired style glasses, refer to the designed eyeglasses for more than 10 years. They are again coming to make your world stylish.

Spectacles with Transparent Frames

Transparent Clubmaster Full Rim Acetate Frame for Kids

Spectacles with transparent frames are described as glasses with clear, colorless (or almost colorless) frames. With offering a subtle look, they are usually extremely comfortable and perfect for your office look and parties.

Spectacles with Thick Frames

YourSpex Spectacles Pouch

Spectacles with thick frames are more comfortable but still one of the most stylish spectacle frames. Spectacles with thick frames stayed in trend throughout 2022 and are ready to be a trend in 2023 too.

The best thing about them is the thickness of the frame matches the length of the lenses,  Thick frames enhance facial features and make people look younger and more attractive.

Clip-on Spectacle Frames

Dark Blue Square Clip-On Eyeglasses for Men

Spectacles with clip-on frames are perfect for people who are too busy making time for switching between glasses and sunglasses and sticking to glasses only. These Magnetic Clip Glasses will not just transform your classic look into a sporty one just in seconds, but they also look super stylish.

You’ll see spectacle frames shapes and colors that never came into existence. YourSpex has the trendiest collection of Chasma that will help you stay in trend with protecting your eyes fully.