This is the generation when people have started moving to a lifestyle that can help them stay stylish with keeping comfort and health first. Eyewear is something best to protect eyes by offering a perfect style and all you need to do is to choose spectacles and sunglasses that are right for you.


Choosing the right eyewear when you have a wide collection to choose from is tricky but AI-Tryon by YourSpex will make it easy.

How to use AI-Tryon to choose the right spectacles and sunglasses?

First of all, you have to start by choosing the eyewear that you want to buy. The best thing that can make your purchase the best is choosing the eyewear frames that are suitable for your face shape.

Step 1: You can directly go to the AI-tryon to choose from our most trendiest and loved collection. 

Here you go - AI-Tryon

If you think you want a bigger list, then you can virtually try on spectacles or sunglasses directly while exploring the collection just by clicking the AI-Try on the product.

Step 2. Setting up the face. Fit your face correctly.


Make sure everything is set up correctly and you set the face correctly between the lines.

Step 3. Now you’re all set to check out your chosen spectacles and sunglasses.

Tips to make your spectacles and sunglasses purchase the best

Right Frame

eyewear shape

Choosing the right frame right to your face shape is the best tip to make your purchase the best. Here is the guide for you to know the right frames for your face shape - The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face.

Skin Tone

skin tone and glasses

Whether you’re planning to buy spectacles or sunglasses, There are some frame shapes, frames color, and lens colors too that will enhance your facial features more than other so, always go for the ones that are perfect for your face shape and skin tone.


glasses according to skin tone

If you’re someone, who spends most of the time inside your office then choose some decent frames and colors like transparent, grey, or anything to make your look perfect for your workplace, and if you’re buying eyewear for fun then you should choose anything funky and colorful.

Now, you’re all set to make your chasma shopping the best. Visit yourspex.com to grab the ongoing deals and offers!