Spectacle Frames for Round Face

How to choose Spectacle Frames for Round Face

From correcting vision to becoming an accessory that adds charm to your look by protecting your eyes, spectacles have always played an important role in our lives. 

How to Identify a Round Face? 

If you are confused about face shapes and the suitable frames accordingly, “The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face” at YourSpex will be a perfect guide for you.

Round faces look lovely in a wide variety of glasses frames, from square to cat-eye shapes and many more but if you’re still not sure that you have a round face, make yourself clear first.

Characteristics of Round-Shaped Face: 

round shaped faces

A wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones characterize a round face shape. 

You simply look stunning when you wear spectacle frames that are right according to your face shape. 

Square and rectangular spectacle frames work best for people with round faces. The sharp angles of these types of spectacles work to complement the softer lines of round faces.

Which Spectacles Frames look best on Round Faces? 

YourSpex understands, choosing spectacle frames right for your round-shaped face may seem hard to you, here are the spectacle frames perfect for round faces.

Rectangular Spectacles Frames

YourSpex Reading Eyeglasses Hard Case

Rectangular spectacles work perfectly for round-shaped faces as they add flattering contrast, which is something a round-shaped face needs to balance out. YourSpex offers a variety of colors and patterns for Rectangular Spectacles Frames to style you the best 

Square Spectacles Frames

Gunmetal Square Eyeglass for Men

Just like the rectangular spectacle frame, Square frames also add flattering contrast and that’s something round faces need. Square frames on a round face create a pleasing amount of contrast and harmony. The straight lines and corners of the frames provide that key element of definition and the square-shaped lenses mirror the proportional balance of the round face.

Cat-Eye Spectacles Frames

YourSpex Ladies Cat Eye Glasses Frames

Round faces will look best in frames with bold, angular lines; these striking details will help to sharpen soft facial features and rounded jawlines. Cat-eye spectacles frames are perfect for women who want to look stylish. 

Full-Rimmed Spectacles Frames

Wayfarer Spectacles Frame Case

Full-rimmed spectacles frames look classy and super stylish. They are perfect to balance out your round face and enhance your facial features. At YourSpex, you can easily buy Full-rimmed spectacles frames that are right for your round face.

You can easily complement your round face with all these spectacle frames and YourSpex - the Right Eyewear Brand for you always suggests buying spectacles frames right for your face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle.