Reading glasses

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are best for all those book lovers who love to read. If you're a book lover, we know reading is a rejuvenating activity that renews your energy and elevates your mood. Reading glasses will make your reading experience best with a layer of protection to your eyes.

What are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are non-prescription glasses that make reading easier by magnifying the text on a book or screen and making them larger. Reading glasses help reduces eye strain, making reading comfortable and making your reading experience good.

Reading Glasses

For all those, who are growing older, reading glasses are something they must have, they will help them to read and improve their vision. Reading glasses can help compensate for diminished vision like presbyopia.

Things to know while buying reading glasses

Buying reading glasses will be the best decision for all those book lovers who love to surf the internet but before placing an order for reading glasses, Here are the things you should know.

Lens Type

If you are someone who has a visual impairment, you must go for customized lenses for your reading glasses. Go for an eye test or book a home eye test to know exactly about your vision and the power to correct it.


Then buy reading glasses with the correct lenses according to your vision.

Frame Shape and Size

Whether you are buying reading glasses for women, men, girls, or boys, the next thing is choosing a frame and size according to face shape.

Face Shape

Know what’s in trend, know your face shape and then move to know the suitable frames according to your face shape. A frame right for your face will not just help with enhancing the reading experience, but it will also revamp your look.


With the advancement of technology, different materials are available for reading glasses. They are not just more comfortable but durable and offer ease when they are on. 

Talking about the durability of reading glasses, metal frames are a more valid choice. Although you may find many colors, shapes, and styles in the plastic versions, they may not have a long lifetime.

Lens Coating

Blue light from electronics is linked to problems like blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eye, macular degeneration, and cataracts. They may cause sleep issues. The last but most important step while choosing reading glasses, make sure you are adding a layer of lens coating of protective layers to protect your eyes from blue light. 

lens material

Now when you’re all set buying chasma or reading glasses, check out our collection of reading glasses for men, women, and kids and place an order today!