Eye Care Tips

Taking care of your eyes is equally important as your overall health. With the increase in screen time, eyes need more attention now as compared to the earlier days. Here are some tips by YourSpex to help you improve the regular habits that can help you keep your eyes healthy. 

Eye Care Tips while Reading: 

  • The book you read should always be about 30 cm (12 inches) from the eyes. 
  • Always maintain a good light on the book you are reading, not on your eyes. We’ll recommend reading in sunlight and let in some natural light. 
  • Whenever reading, the light should come from your back. 

Maintaining Eye Hygiene: 

  • Wash your eyes regularly, remove makeup before sleeping, and never touch your eyes without washing your hands.  
  • Consult with an eye specialist, go for regular eye checkups, have a good diet, and wear good spectacles that can protect eyes from blue light and UV radiation. 
  • Always wear sunglasses outside and make sure to buy sunglasses that can protect from UV rays. 
  • Wearing sunglasses outside will also protect your eyes from dust and airborne debris that can hurt your eyes. 

Regular Eye Exercise:  

Regular eye exercises not just keep the eye health but also improve eyesight. Here are some easy eye exercises that you can adopt in your daily life: 


Palming is a yogic exercise that reduces eye fatigue and relaxes eye muscles. 

So to palm, start this exercise by rubbing your hands together, now close your eyes and place the palm of each hand over the corresponding cheekbones. Now cup your hands over each eye, relax and take a deep breath. 


Continues screen time may dry your eyes  

Blinking eye exercise will help restore moisture and the best thing is Taking the time to consciously blink can restore the tear film.  

Close your eyes, pause for 3 - 4 seconds, relax and gently reopen them.  

These are some easy eye exercises you can do whenever you get time. To know about other eye exercises, we suggest you take advice from an eye specialist.  

Proper Diet 

With physical exercise and eye hygiene you also need a proper diet full of vitamins and proteins to keep your eyes healthy. You can ask your eye specialist to help you prepare a diet list and follow it.  

Regular EyeCheckup 

Regularly Examining eyes is the best way to know what’s wrong with them and how you can make everything to maintain eye health so regular eye checkups are very important. You can also book an appointment for an eye test at home at YourSpex.  

Now that you know everything that can keep your eyes healthy, follow them and keep your eyes healthy. 


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