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With the increase in the use of mobiles, laptops, and computers, we can say that human beings are now dependent on technology and there is also an increase in the use of screen time which is affecting the eyes immensely. 

Not just only the grown-up but kids are also suffering from the same and we have seen massive growth in eye issues in the last few years. According to WHO, Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have a near or distant vision impairment. In at least 1 billion, almost half of these cases, vision impairment could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed. 

According to WHO, each eye condition requires a different, timely response. There are effective interventions covering promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation that address the needs associated with eye conditions and vision impairment. Some are among the most cost-effective and feasible of all healthcare interventions to implement. For example, an uncorrected refractive error can be corrected with spectacles or surgery while cataract surgery can restore vision. 

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So, by this, it is already clear how important is to take care of your eyes and equally necessary for your kids. 


Children may need spectacles for a variety of reasons but these reasons may differ from adults because their visual system is still growing and need more care. 

Here are some reasons why kids need spectacles.  

To Correct Vision:  

The first and basic reason for kids to wear spectacles is for vision correction.  

To strengthen the vision of a weak eye:

To help strengthen the vision of a weak eye (amblyopia or “lazy eye”) This is required when the prescription for both eyes is different. 

Eye Protection: 

Another reason can be for eye protection from external dust, air debris, harmful UV radiation, or blue light from screens that can highly damage the eyes. 

To Correct  strabismus:  

The next reason behind kids wearing spectacles is to correct strabismus. To help straighten the eyes when they are crossed or misaligned. 

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Reasons why you should go for an eye test for your kid: 

Poor Vision:  

Your child may be suffering from poor eyesight and may have problems with reading or writing but is unable to recognize what is going on and this can be the reason you should regularly go for an eye test for your kid. This can immensely affect your kid's learning process.   

Vision quality: 

Vision can change without warning and develop gradually. Such problems can be corrected by getting regular eye tests done. 

Eye Tests can reveal other signs of issues:  

Going for an eye test for your kid will not just reveal myopia and presbyopia, it can also predict the development of real ocular health issues.


Taking care of your eyes is important and it is equally important for your kid too. Go for a home eye test today!