Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels and the eyewear right for you can be the best accessory to protect your eye and enhance your look!

Sunglasses, contact lenses, or even a power-less pair of frames have been a staple in the fashion industry among men and women for years, elevating their simple outfits into sophisticated, stylish ones. For every outfit, there is a matching pair of eyewear that makes your look all the more special.
Whether it is to emphasise the bold colours of your clothing, or it is to give yourself a certain vibe, or it is simply to express your personality, eyewear will do your job. Here is a guide to help you decide how you can enhance your look from boring to stylish, cool and chic.

Elevating a simple outfit

elevate a simple outfitTurning your outfit into a more stylish and eye-catching one does not require you to buy different clothes; you can do this simply by choosing and wearing a unique and cool eyewear, making your look distinct and special! Basic jeans and tee will be made better by using a spectacular and noticeable pair of sunglasses or spectacles with an outstanding and stylish frame. Going for a funky pair of spectacles or sunglasses will enhance your look by making you stand out wherever you go.

Matching Lens or Frame

blue sunglassesTo emphasise the boldness and individuality of your clothing, you can choose a matching frame or lens of the same colour as your clothes. With a monochrome pantsuit or a coord-set, a frame of matching colour will really hit a home run. A dress with a pretty blue or pink, for instance, can be made special with the help of sunglasses with polarised lenses of the same colour.
This helps you demonstrate your individuality, and put the spotlight on the striking colour of your outfit. Using a colour wheel for the colour that complements the colour of your outfit is a useful way to make your outfit special. A frame or lens in the complementary colour of your outfit will accent your look by making it cater to the colour of your outfit.

Going for a particular vibe

Sometimes, you would need to attend a work meeting and look academic and professional for the job, or go to a friend’s party and look stylish and cool, but your outfit will not be appropriate for the vibe. Sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses are here to help you out. To look academic and professional, using tort rectangular eyeglasses, or thick-rimmed frames in your chasma will do the job perfectly.

funky glasses by YourSpex
For a funkier vibe, you can wear vibrant and bright contact lenses or colourful glasses to appear different, trendy and cool. Alternatively, using aviator-style sunglasses and frames will help enhance your look, changing it from normal to one that is fit for a party.

Essentially, eyewear helps you to enhance your look in many ways. It is a pivotal element of fashion, and its addition to one’s outfit will help you enhance your look in a multitude of ways. Whether it is putting the spotlight on the colour of your outfit, or it is to make you look appropriate for a corporate meeting, eyewear is there to help you out.

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