blue light-blocking spectacles

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do your eyes feel tired, irritated, and dry after working long hours on a laptop? Do you feel a headache beginning to form the minute you stare at your mobile screens? Then, my friend, you are getting affected by the blue light emitted from digital devices. 

The harmful blue light is one of the many side effects of digitization. Nowadays, wherever you see everyone’s eyes are getting affected due to the prolonged use of digital devices like mobiles or computers. In such a case, what can one do to protect their eyes? Luckily for you, science and technology have brought in blue light-blocking spectacles. But does this type of blue light-blocking specs really work? Let’s find out. 

What Exactly Is This Blue Light Exposure? 

blue light exposureNot just your smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops emit blue light, but the mighty sun is also one major transmitter of blue light. The sunlight consists of all 7 rainbow colors. However, the color blue is known to have the shortest wavelength and higher concentration of energy levels than a human eye can bear. Thus, you get most affected by this blue light. This excessive exposure to harmful blue light has become a cause of concern for many and hence led to the introduction of blue light-blocking spectacles. 

What Are Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses? 

The blue light-blocking glasses are specifically modeled to combat the issues of harmful blue light emanating from sunlight and your digital devices. This type of spectacles effectively filters out blue light, cuts down on the glare, and stops it from damaging your eyes. 

Did you know that prolonged exposure to blue light can ultimately lead to poor eye health and is a major cause of several prominent eye diseases like macular degeneration and cataract? 

blue light blocking glasses

With the aid of good blue light-blocking spectacle frames, you can get 

  •          Improved eyesight
  •          Improved quality of sleep
  •          Prevention against diseases like macular degeneration

 Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work? 

Various studies over time have indicated that people who wear blue light-blocking spectacles have reported reduced eye strain and less trouble sleeping. In fact, with the aid of blue light-blocking glasses, your eyes would feel less fatigue, no more dryness and redness, and a visible reduction in headaches. 

Here we are enlisting 5 major benefits of using blue light spectacles that will compel you to buy them today. 

 5 Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Protects Against Eye Strain 

eye strain

Blue light-blocking glasses are known to improve your eye focus and reduce glare to the eyes. This automatically results in a decrease in eye strain. In fact, blue light glasses can enable you to work for long hours on computers and mobile phones without the added stress of digital eye strain. 

Protects Against Eye Diseases 

eye disease

Although there is no guarantee that you will never ever get cataract or macular degeneration, the blue light-blocking glasses does reduce your chances of getting these eye diseases in the long run. According to studies, the blue light emanating from the sun and your digital screens can easily penetrate through your cornea and reach your retina which puts your eyes at serious health risk. 

Improves Sleep Cycle

sleep cycle

Another harmful effect of blue light is that it disturbs your sleep cycle exponentially. When you continue watching your mobile phones or laptops at night, your brain gets a signal that it is daytime. This in turn affects your sleep cycle and you will face trouble sleeping. And we all know what a bad night’s sleep can do to our daily routine. It affects your mood, your health, and your work performance. So, it is better to reduce your screen time at night. To add another layer of protection, it is advisable to invest in blue light-blocking eyewear

Protects Against Dryness In the Eyes 

dry eyes

You might not think of it as a major problem. But dry eyes do cause discomfort in the long run. As a matter of fact, your work performance could definitely get hampered by the constant itchiness and dryness in your eyes. You can always make your screen time a comfortable experience with the aid of blue light spectacle frames.

Protect Your Children’s Eyes

Blue light glasses are especially good for kids who nowadays are engrossed in mobiles and laptops for gaming as well as studies. During the time of COVID, the screen time for kids has increased by manifolds and so have problems with their eyes. In such a scenario having blue light-blocking spectacles can work wonders for you. 

children's eye

Well, we can do nothing about the exposure of blue light to our eyes. It's around us everywhere! But we can surely help protect our eyes with chasma blue light-blocking glasses. So, buy spectacles that can help you with eye protection too!