Do you wear spectacles? How often have you taken time out to take care of your eyes? Have you ever thought about your eyesight and vision problems? Have you considered that with age and time, your eye health might deteriorate and become affected by various eye diseases? Well, these are some of the things that are essential but we rarely pay them any heed until it becomes too late. 

As a matter of fact, we can say with a guarantee that we all take our eyes for granted. Unless and until something affects our eyesight deeply, we are not that bothered about going for eye health checkups, taking care of our eyes, doing eye exercises or even giving our eyes some rest for that matter. Because let us all face it, our eyes are our tools of communication with the world. It is our eyes only that see, then transfer the image to our brain who then conjures up the relevant word or understanding inside our head thus enabling us to comprehend things. 

vision problems

If your eyesight gets affected, then the whole process of understanding things becomes complicated. It is thus advisable for all to take good care of their eyes, eat healthy eye food and go for regular eye checkups so that if there is trouble brewing inside your eyes, you can detect it early and cure it at the earliest before it makes any permanent damage. 

Here we will be introducing you to the 5 most common vision problems and ways to tackle them. Take a look at these eye diseases as listed by various ophthalmologists and eye health experts around the world and their tips to protect your eyes against the diseases. 


One of the most common age-related eye diseases around the world; cataracts affects your eyes by creating a fog around your vision. This eye disease clouds the lens of a person’s eye causing them to have foggy vision. This all happens because the light rays from the object are not able to pass through your eye lens to reach the retina. 

eyes with catract

How To Protect Eyes?

Start wearing powered sunglasses or polarized spectacles that provide protection against harmful UVA and UVB sunlight rays. Also, avoid smoking, keep a check on your blood pressure and diabetes as well as manage your weight. 



It is very important for your eyes to maintain the right amount of fluid pressure. If there is too much pressure, then your optic nerve gets damaged affecting your central & peripheral vision. And glaucoma is the cause of it. 

How to protect your eyes?

Keep in touch with your eye doctor to maintain fluid pressure within the space inside your eyes as a prevention against vision loss. 

Macular Degeneration 

macular degeneration

Did you know that your central vision heavily relies on the light-sensing capabilities of the macula (the center part of your retina)? With the onset of age-related macular degeneration or AMD, the excess growth of the blood vessels and the tissue breakdown inside the macula or your eye makes it complicated for you to read, walk, drive, or work properly. 

How To Protect Eyes

You can prevent macular degeneration by avoiding smoking. It is highly injurious to your eye health and accelerates the macular degeneration inside your eyes. You should also opt for leafy greens, fish, and other healthy food sources in your meals. Get regular blood pressure and cholesterol checkups. And indulge in regular exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Diabetic Retinopathy 

diabetic retinopathy

The retina of the eye is responsible for transferring light to your brain so that it can process the signals. However, with diabetes, your retina gets swollen up which causes the blood vessels to leak. This results in pain and pressure in the eyes, blurred vision, and flashes & floaters. 

How To Protect Eyes: 

First & foremost you should get your eyes checked yearly for early detection of any diabetes-related eye diseases. Go for dilated eye exams once a year and also start getting your glucose and blood pressure levels controlled. 

Refractive Errors 

refractive error

In this disease, your lens, cornea, and eyeball are not in the right shape for the light rays to bend and land at the right place inside the eyes. This causes your vision to blur. Refractive errors can be classified as Nearsightedness (myopia), Farsightedness (hyperopia), Presbyopia & Astigmatism. 

How To Protect Eyes

Regular eye checkups including 

  •          Annual checkups for below 18 & above 65
  •          Checkups every 2 years for the age group between 18-65

If needed start wearing prescription spectacles for correct vision problems 

To take good care of your eyes, you need thorough awareness of several common vision problems as well. Because only when we are aware of the disease can we find its cure, right guys?