spectacle frames for square faces

With the growth of technology, it’s become easy for people with vision correction issues to not just find the right spectacles but also look trendy and stylish with them. The availability and comfort that we have now with spectacles are not enough, to choose the right frame according to face shape and skin tone always matters to make them work best for you.

Confused about your face shape? Don’t know which spectacle frames are best for you? Here we have the guide - The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Eyewear for Your Face” to help you buy spectacles right for your face shape and color.

glasses for square frames

If you’re the one with a round face, YourSpex is here to make your eyewear purchase the best to make your spectacles the best fashion accessory to elevate your look and overall personality with offering extreme comfort.

Let’s start with Identifying Square Faces

Generally, there are six face shapes - Oval, Round, Rectangle, Square, Diamond, and Heart.

If your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are the same width and your jawline and forehead are wider and more pronounced, you have a square face. Your face may be similar to a round face but more angularity with minimal curves makes it different.

square face shape

Characteristics of Square-Shaped Face

Here are the ways that help you recognize a square face shape.

  • The square shapes faces can easily be recognized by the sharp angles because of the jaws.
  • The same width of Cheekbones and jawline.
  • Another thing that will help you recognize a square face is minimal curves.

Spectacles frame shapes right for your square face

Oval Spectacle Frames 

Aviator Spectacle Frames

Cateyes Spectacle Frames 

List of Spectacle Frames by YourSpex right for square faces

Oval Spectacle Frames by YourSpex

Transparent Blue Oval Eyeglasses

Transparent Blue Oval Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Perfectly enhanced with a bluish transparent blue glossy finish, the transparent blue oval eyeglasses by YourSpex come with an acetate frame that makes these spectacle frames comfortable and unbreakable too.

Transparent Light Pink Oval Full Rim

Eyeglasses Frame Case

Transparent Light Pink Oval Full Rim framed eyeglass is a premium spectacles by YourSpex that will also boost your confidence by correcting your vision and making you always stay in comfort.

Aviator Spectacle Frames by YourSpex

Grey Aviator Rimless Metal Frame for Men & Women

Grey Aviator Rimless Metal Frame for Men & Women

A muted matte finish combined with a glossy touch adds the right spark to this rimless metal chasma by YourSpex and gives a classy look to everyone who wears it.

Black Gold Aviator Eyeglasses for Men

Black Gold Aviator Eyeglasses for Men

The forever classic Aviator for men by YourSpex is just perfect to offer you a classy look and make you stand out. Perfect for your professional outfit and casual look too.

Cateyes Spectacle Frames

Pink Women Cateye Glass Frame

Nude Pink Women Cateye Glass Frame in Metal

This Pink Women Cateye Glass Frame by YourSpex has a beautiful classy nude pink glossy finish and comes with superior quality cat-eye-shaped full-rimmed metal eyeglasses to give you a subtle and classy look together.

VOGUE IN VOGUE Full Rimmed Cateye Frame

VOGUE IN VOGUE Full Rimmed Cateye Frame

YourSpex offers you this VOGUE IN VOGUE Full Rimmed Cateye Frame - a Cat eye frame made of acetate that is lightweight for easy wearing to offer you the enhanced look of yourself effortlessly.