The internet has brought with it many benefits, and it has indeed made our lives easier in all aspects. When it comes to online shopping, you can just buy sunglasses online now! From your kitchen to your stationery to even your medicines or movie tickets, you can purchase anything and everything! 

However, the introduction of online shopping has also come with a significant downfall- you do not get the first-hand experience of trying something before buying. 

Even if you place an order online after reading out the reviews and checking out the product’s dimensions and characteristics, it still takes a bit of time for it to reach you to finally know whether what you bought is the same as shown in the picture. As a matter of fact, you do not even know whether it would look good on you or not! 

In fact, this is one of the many concerns shown by people while buying sunglasses online. If one wishes to purchase a trendy and affordable pair of sunglasses on e-commerce websites, then they are faced with the humongous task of finding the right pair of sunglasses frames that go well with their face shape as well as suit their personality. We also agree that it is indeed hard to know which shade or frame style would suit you best without even trying. 

I mean, you might have some idea that you prefer aviators to wayfarers but how would you know that they would suit your face shape? There are some websites that let you shop your sunglasses online as per your face shape. But even determining your correct face shape becomes difficult at times. 

But thanks to technology, the problem of buying sunglasses for men and women has been finally resolved! All you need is to find an authentic and trusted eyewear brand online and you can use our following tips to get your hands on the right pair of trendy and affordable sunglasses online. 

5 Hacks To Find Trendy & Affordable Sunglasses for women & men Online 

Find Your Face Shape 

So how can you find your correct face shape without going to the sunglasses store? Well, you need to measure the distance from your chin right across to your hairline as well as the distance across your cheeks, jawline, and forehead. The eyewear websites usually provide face measurements on their product page. You can easily check your measurements there and determine whether you have- an oval, round, square, diamond, or heart face shape.

Try ‘Virtual Try On'

virtual try-on - YourSpex

Nowadays, several good sunglasses websites offer 3D Technology with which you can simply upload your picture and try on various sunglasses on your face virtually. This gives you a fair enough idea about what would look good on you and which type of sunglasses would go best with your face shape. You can try all the latest designs and trendy sunglasses in 3D! This is as good as it can get, thanks to virtual AR. 

Use the ‘Try At Home’ Feature 

home try on by YourSpex

Another good thing about finding the right pair of sunglasses sitting at your home is the ‘Trial At Home’ feature that several online eyewear businesses are offering these days. You can now book an appointment for a trial at the home of sunglasses at eyewear websites. They would schedule your appointment with a technician or salesperson who would then, personally bring home your requested designs and styles of sunglasses to choose from. If you like a pair of sunglasses, you can decide to keep them and pay for them only and the others would be returned without any cause for concern. It is as simple as that! 

Pay Heed To Your Budget 


This is the foremost thing to consider before making a purchase! Always know your budget and decide accordingly to spend on sunglasses. Choose the type that suits your face and serves your purpose. Also, see if you can spend on getting anti-glare or even polarised lenses in the sunglasses. All this depends on the budget you have set for yourself. 

Know The Return Policy 

return policy by YourSpex

Before making a purchase online, it is always advisable to check for the company’s return policy. There is no use for you to shell out hefty amounts in couriering back the package if the company doesn’t include return package arrears in its policy. Always make sure you would have enough time to return or exchange the pair of sunglasses in case you do not end up liking them or there is an issue with the frame. 

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