From an impressive range of eyewear frames to quality and affordability, YourSpex is already winning the eyewear market and has already set an impression in the eyes as an ideal eyewear brand that anyone can choose without a second thought. 

As a leading online retailer, YourSpex offers an extensive collection of eyewear that combines style, comfort, and affordability so whether you’re looking to buy premium eyewear (both spectacles and sunglasses )or looking for something that stays within your budget, YourSpex has a collection that will be right according to your needs.

In this decade, you must have an idea of how fashion and branding lift themselves where collaborations have become a popular trend in recent years, bridging the gap between the world of high fashion and everyday comfort or style. The best and coolest part about these fashion collaborations is no matter what presence you have till now, it will help you uplift your brand.

YourSpex in its journey that has gained incredible popularity within a few years so whether the reason is the integration of innovation and technology or the quality and affordability of products. YourSpex is that eyewear brand that has done many successful collaborations and will keep doing more and more.

Top collaborations of YourSpex

With always keeping the customers as a priority, YourSpex is continuously working hard to make them happy with products and services. YourSpex has made millions of customers and the love is the same in celebrities and influencers, we also got opportunities to collaborate with more than 500 influencers and celebrities.

Here are our top Collaborations:

Top Celebrities Collaborations

Avika Gor

 avika gor with yourspex's sunglasses

Everyone knows Avika by her role in Balika Vadhu and after the show too, she kept her spark always on and keep winning hearts. She is in love with our Light Brown Large Square UV Protection Sunglass and has seen wearing them at many events.

Tanaaz and Bhaktiaar

 tanaaz irani with yourspex

The lovely couple Bhaktiaar and Delnaaz collaborated with us and shared feedback that made us very happy and proud of our products and services. They collaborated and shared their love in the form of praises and reels that we have on our social media.

Purple Cateye Frames and Thick Brown Tort Square Full Rim Acetate Frame are one of their favorites.


delnaaz with yourspex's sunglasses

Delnaaz was so amazed by the eyewear we shared with her and made us happy by showering us with her love. Many of our specs and sunglasses she loved but Gradient Light Brown Large Square Sunglass is her favorite.

Top Influencer Collaborations

Mohi Anand (MOh)

 moi with sunglasses by YourSpex

The gorgeous diva Mohi Anand collaborated with us and this exciting partnership brought together the creative vision of Moi Anand and the expertise of YourSpex to create a stunning collection of eyewear that seamlessly blends fashion and functionality. 

Mikhael Kantroo (iammikhaelkantroo)

kantroo and yourspex

Known for his impeccable fashion sense and trend-setting choices, Mikhael Kantroo sought to infuse his signature flair into each design. The collaboration with YourSpex showcased eyewear pieces that reflect Mikhaels unique sense of style.

Tishaa (tishaagera)

 tishaa influencer

The stunning Tishaa has had many collaborations with us and made our products look more beautiful on our profiles. She beautifully displayed our products and made the collaboration successful and achieving for herself and us too.


Whether you're looking to make a fashion statement or simply enhance your everyday look, YourSpex has something for everyone, all you need is to check out our collection and buy a chasma right to enhance your personality.