Travel is therapy and with YourSpex, you’ll Travel in Style!

From Boosting confidence, and staying independent to offering you a sense of freedom, When you travel, you learn a lot. Some people travel just to take a break from their busy scheduled daily life and some live to travel. There are so many reasons that make traveling cool and relaxing but when you travel, make sure you know you’re well with your health and take care of your eyes and skin properly.

travel sunglasses

When you talk about traveling, how can you forget sunglasses as they are the most important to keep your eyes protected and calm to enhance your traveling experience with your look?  So before moving to know the sunglasses that are the coolest to improve your vacation look, let’s explore the type of people during traveling.

Types of People During Travel

Those who always Forget Sunglasses

forget sunglasses

Some do not wear sunglasses and some forget to wear them, they both come in the same category. YourSpex always recommends keeping your sunglasses on to protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation and buying only those that assure that your eyes are always protected and safe from sunlight and UV rays.

Those who try to make a statement by keeping the sunglasses on their head

sunglasses on head - YourSpex

Keeping your sunglasses on your head may seem fantastic but it is not, not for your eyes and not for your goggles too. Maybe people like are trying to make a fashion statement but eye health is more important than this. Wearing sunglasses on your head may make you look good but doesn’t help your eyes anyway so keep them on your eyes rather than your head.

People with Spectacles

people with glasses

If you’re one of those people who has to keep their spectacles on throughout the day then YourSpex is the right brand to customize your sunglasses into power sunglasses. From now on spectacles do not come your way to wear sunglasses, you can get your sunglasses customized in simple ways at YourSpex. Confused? Have a look at our guide - Can I get prescription lenses for my sunglasses?

People wear scratched sunglasses

people with scratched sunglasses

People who are careless about their sunglasses always end up wearing scratched ones is the next type we are going to talk about. You can only keep your goggles in good condition only if you take care of them properly and by taking care we just mean to follow the right procedure of keeping them, confused? Here is the guide - Step-By-Step Guide For the Best Ways To Clean Sunglasses and 

Low-Quality Sunglasses

low quality sunglasses

If you’re aware of eyecare and know how important it is to protect your eyes but do not know why you should never go for low-quality sunglasses read our blog - Why Investing in Quality Chashma is Essential for Your Eye Health? It is very important to buy sunglasses from an eyewear brand that offers a quality that can assure that your eyes are always protected whenever you step out.

5 Sunglasses for Travelers at YourSpex

Let's explore the top five sunglasses that you must have in your collection to make your travel experience the best.

White Oval Full Rim Acetate Frame Sunglass for Women

White Oval Full Rim Acetate Frame Sunglass for Women

Whether you're a traveler or a daydreamer, it's way too easy to protect your eyes for all women with White Oval Full Rim Acetate Frame Sunglass for Women by YourSpex. These sunglasses are a full-Rim acetate frame to maximize your comfort level offering premium quality gradient brown pink UV sunglasses that you can buy online to make sure that you can shine even in the brightest sunshine.

Gradient Grey Metal Frame Ray-Ban Unisex Sunglasses

Gradient Grey Metal Frame Ray-Ban Unisex Sunglasses

The gradient grey metal frame Ray-Ban comes with a unique design and shape that look super classy and they are just perfect to match any of your outfits. The slim metal frame is a new riff on two i-shape icons - Round and Hexagonal - and comes in Gold, Silver, Gunmetal, and Black with Classic or Gradient lenses. With 7 frame-lens color combinations available you get to decide which side of Jack's dual character is accentuated.

Gradient Brown Metal Frame Classic Ray-Ban

Gradient Brown Metal Frame Classic Ray-Ban

Gradient Brown Metal Frame Classic Ray-Ban is from the classic range of Ray-Ban Sunglasses that would be a perfect companion whenever you travel and is considered the most iconic model in the world. Combination of great aviator styling with exceptional quality, performance, and comfort in sunglasses to assure your complete eye protection with making sure to take your look to another level. 

Gradient Blue Square UV Sunglass

Gradient Blue Square UV Sunglass for Women

With the Gradient Blue Square UV Chasma by YourSpex, you can Stay updated with the latest trends in carrying big square eyewear. This sunglass is designed to enhance your personality with an excellent finish. The full rim design is extremely lightweight to carry this sunglass all day long effortlessly. 

Brown Wayfarer Full Rim Acetate Frame

Brown Wayfarer Full Rim Acetate Frame

The Brown Wayfarer Full Rim Acetate Frame by YourSpex looks super classy and is from the premium collection of YourSpex. Whether you’re looking to buy sunglasses to take on vacation or to wear in your daily life, these sunglasses will offer you the right eye protection that they deserve.