When it comes to eyecare, YourSpex always suggests switching to a better lifestyle that includes eyecare too, whether it’s the rise in the use of mobile screens causing blue light that can hurt your eyes, there are many reasons show this is high time to adopt an eye care routine to keep your eyes healthy.

YourSpex as an eyewear brand works hard to make the customer experience the best it could ever be. With offering high-quality spectacles and sunglasses at the most affordable prices, YourSpex also provides office or home eye test services by expert optometrists to offer all the comfort anyone looks for.

For those who wear spectacles or those who don’t too, it is important to take care of your eyes in every possible way to keep them healthy, Here are the Top 10 Eye Care Tips for people with and Without Spectacles. 

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

What you eat, reflects on your body more than anything, and on the eyes too. A good diet has an impact like nothing else can bring so a proper intake of oily fish, berries, nuts, citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, and many other foods containing nutrients may benefit your eye health. You can also consult a diet specialist that can examine you and suggest a diet plan.

eat healthy

Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

It is recommended to drink at least 3 liters of water a day and it will benefit not only your eyes but your overall health too. Drinking plenty of water is not just important for your eye's health but when you stay hydrated, the eyes appear whiter and clear. The eye relies on water to keep lubricated in the form of tears.

water bottle

Optimize your Workspace

If you’re someone who spends most of your time with a laptop or computer screen, it is highly recommended to optimize your workspace to keep your eyes healthy. Ample lighting will help to prevent potential eyestrain that may be caused by your laptop or monitor screen and if you’re able to make a setup where the natural light can enter, that would be great.


Maintain a Proper Eye Hygiene

Proper eye hygiene includes everything from cleaning your hand and cleaning your spectacles, removing eye makeup before you sleep, treating your contact lenses well to cleaning and washing your eyes properly. To keep your eyes healthy it is important to maintain proper eye hygiene.

eye hygiene

Protect Eyes, Protect Sight

When you’re already on the way to better eye care, the next step in achieving the goal is to buy spectacles and sunglasses that make sure to protect your eyes. It’s a good pair of sunglasses that will offer your eyes the right protection whenever you step out and a spectacle from all the harmful blue rays coming out from the devices so make sure about buying eyewear from a trusted brand.

eye protectionSleep well & Rest your Eyes

The way you charge yourself by taking proper rest and sleep, from now, make sure that you offer the same rest to your eyes too whenever feel tired or eye strain start making time and rest your eyes while working, reading, or writing. 

sleep wellZoom Out for Easy Reading

While working on a screen or spending your leisure time surfing the internet, make sure that you’ve zoomed out the screen and font so that you won’t have to make an extra effort to read. This zooming of the screen will offer you ease and comfort that will turn out less eye strain.

zoom outIf you’re a reader, reading glasses will work like magic for you that will offer you the right comfort and make your reading experience the best.

Regular Eye Checkups

As life, the vision also changes gradually and you never know when it changed for you too so to avoid such conditions and to make sure that you’re wearing spectacles of the correct power, regular eye test play an important role. If you're looking for a home eye test in Delhi NCR and Kolkata, book an appointment with YourSpex.

regular eye check ups

Make sure that you get your eye checked once a year or whenever you feel down with your eyes. 

Keep Eye Shield on in your mobiles

Somehow when these mobiles are becoming a reason for your eye damage, by taking proper care of them and advantage of what technology has offered to you, so keep the eye shield and other settings on in your mobiles and computer screen to offer possible eye protection to the eye.eye shieldThe spectacles and sunglasses with the right coating will be another step to good eye health so before you buy your chasma, make sure you’re adding the lens coating that can offer eye protection according to your lifestyle. YourSpex is an ideal eyewear brand where you’ll get the trendiest eyewear collection with smooth website navigation and easiest way to get your lens customization done too.