When it comes to sunglasses, every frame is created uniquely to offer variety to people, and with so many options and availability of sunglasses in multiple shapes and colors, it is tricky to buy sunglasses that are right for your face shape and fully complement it. There are thousands of sunglasses styles and frame colors available so you’ll surely get the one right for your face and we’ll make it easy to choose the right sunglasses for you.

Whether you have got a round, rectangular, diamond, or oval face shape, there are some perfect sunglasses frames that you should prefer over others.  

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As sunglasses come in various shapes and patterns, here is the list of the most popular sunglasses shapes.

Do you know which sunglasses shape will be the best for you? So before moving forward with the suitable sunglass frames according to the face shape, clear all confusion with “Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face” and know what exactly is your face shape.

We’re pretty much sure that now you know everything about face shapes and this is the right time to explore face shapes and suitable for them.

Sunglasses for people with Round Face Shapes

People with round face shapes usually have cheekbones as the widest part of their face with a soft and curved jawline. These faces look beautiful and the roundness at the edges makes them look younger. To balance out the roundness of your face, you should wear angular sunglasses.

sunglasses for round face shapes

The Rectangular and Square Sunglasses are just perfect to balance out everything and make your face edgy and add structure to it. Avoid wearing Round and oval sunglasses as they will only emphasize the roundness of your frame.

Sunglasses for people with Square Face Shapes

The square face shapes are more edge and usually have wider cheeks and the most prominent part of your face. They usually have a broader face and to balance out that edginess, make sure that you wear sunglasses frames that have a shape to soften those edges.

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Sunglasses with Round, oval or curved frames will work perfectly on your face to make it look enhanced. YourSpex has a collection of the trendiest sunglasses and you’ll get sunglasses perfect for your square face.

Sunglasses for people with Oval Face Shapes

The Oval face shape is considered the ideal face shape and is usually attractive with balanced proportions. Most of the sunglass frames work well with an oval-shaped face. Your face is often longer than wide, with a forehead that covers the widest area on your face.

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Most of the sunglass frames will work fine on your oval face but the sunglasses with round and circular frames can compliment your oval facial features for a soft and comforting style. 

Sunglasses for people with Diamond Face Shapes

The diamond face shapes are the rarest and you usually see people with them a narrow forehead, high cheekbones, and a tapering chin characterize a diamond face shape, and also enough to make them unique enough to recognize the diamond face shapes. The facial contours on your face are widest at the cheeks and taper down to a small chin.

sunglasses for diamond shaped faces

The Cat eye sunglasses are just perfect to enhance the features of diamond-shaped faces and other than them what looks good you can also consider wearing browline sunglasses.

Sunglasses for people with Heart Face Shapes

The heart-shaped faces are equally attractive as oval ones. They are very similar to the ovals and Heart-shaped faces typically have a delicate, narrow chin, like the point of a heart, and cheekbones as the widest part of the frame making them different from oval faces.

face shapes and suitable sunglasses frames

Sunglasses with rectangle, oval, or aviator shapes work perfectly for people with heart face shapes to offer them the right balance to enhance their facial features.

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