Slipping Spectacles

The annoyance of constantly pushing up spectacles is not strange to anyone who wears them and has vision issues. With creating discomfort, This may lead to skin irritations and discomfort but the good news is there are some simple hacks that you should know to keep them in place.

So from adjustments to choosing the frames right for you, here in this blog, we’ll explore hacks that will help them stay in their right place.

Hacks to Keep the spectacles in place

Right Frame Size

frame sizeThe first thing that is going to help you is choosing the right frame size! The reason why your spectacles are saying no to staying in place is whether you’re wearing a big or wide frame, but that doesn’t mean you should shift to something tighter, choose the one that fits your face well. There are multiple ways to check the frame size so whether you buy spectacles online or offline, get yourself educated about the right frame size with our blog - How to make sure the frame size is correct for your face?

Opt for Lightweight Frames

lightweight frames

Another thing that will help you out not just with frame adjustment but also with ensuring the right comfort is your decision to move to lighter frames. Buying heavy spectacle frames and wearing them can put extra pressure on the bridge of your nose, causing them to slide down more frequently. Lightweight frames can alleviate this issue, making them a comfortable choice for all-day wear.

Adjustment of the Temple Arms

temple adjustment

The temples of your spectacles play an important role in deciding how well the spectacles will stay in place and the incorrectly aligned arms or the loose ones may be the reason behind the constant sliding down of your spectacles. You can check if they are the reason, and get your specs fixed by simply adjusting them by gently bending them to ensure a secure fit behind your ears or contact a fixer near you who provides services for the same.

Adjustment of Nose Pads

To make your spectacles sit well on your nose, nose pads play an important role and if they’re a little loose you can easily adjust by delicately pressing them inwards.

                                                                nose pad right adjustment 

nose pad left adjustmentAlign your Glasses

Proper alignment of your spectacles can significantly impact how well they stay in place. Lay your spectacles face up on a flat surface to check if both lenses are parallel and in contact with the surface. Adjust them accordingly to ensure a balanced fit on your face.

glasses alignment

Heat Techniques for Acetate Frames

If you’re someone who prefers acetate frames then the above technique is not for you! All you need to do is you can use gentle heat to make adjustments. A hairdryer aimed at the point of adjustment for 15 to 20 seconds can soften the material enough for easy bending. 

heat techniques for frame adjustment

With these simple and easy hacks, you can keep your specs aligned and make your life comfortable with your glasses on.

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