Tinted Glasses

When it comes to fashion, Tinted lenses are trending and loved by everyone from fashion enthusiasts, and outdoor enthusiasts, to someone who values eye health as being an add-on to fashion, they also add a level of protection to your eyes. Tinted lenses have become more than just a fashion statement; they seamlessly blend style with functionality, offering many benefits to individuals seeking eye protection and a touch of personal flair. 

With offering an upgrade to your look, Tinted glasses also offer the following benefits for eye protection.

UV Protection

UV ProtectionYou must know how important it is to protect your eyes from UV rays, not just in summer but even on the cloudiest days. Tinted lenses act as a shield, reducing the risk of UV-related eye damage while allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities without compromising on style.

Reduced Glare

Reduce glare

Glare from sunlight or reflective surfaces can be not only uncomfortable but also hazardous and Glare reduction is another thing that we expect to drive safely. Tinted glasses are a fashionable solution to offer ease from glare. Whether you're driving, cycling, or participating in water sports, tinted lenses contribute to a clearer field of vision, minimizing eye strain and improving overall safety.

Relief from Digital Eye Strain


Digital strain is something that is a headache to everyone spending their time with digital devices.  

YourSpex assures you great quality and also offers you the right fit. When it comes to customization, YourSpex is already a step ahead so for tinting too, Here you can get your eyewear lenses customized the way you want. You can get your glasses tinted into your favorite shade and also convert your sunglasses into power sunglasses in just a few steps.

YourSpex offers both standard and gradient tints so let’s have a better understanding and get your eyewear tinted into the most suited shade.

Standard Tints

Standard Tints feature a uniform color extending seamlessly from the upper to the lower part of the lens. When it comes to outdoor activities, opting for a darker sunglass tint is recommended. At YourSpex, the recommended standard color that you should get your eyewear tinted into the following colors.

  • Light Gray
  • Light Amber
  • Blue
  • Light Green
  • Magenta
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Yellow

Gradient Tints

Gradient tints exhibit their darkest shade at the upper part of the lens, gently transitioning to a lighter hue toward the bottom. This stylish option is particularly well-suited for outdoor sunglasses. 

At YourSpex, the recommended gradient colors that you should prefer eyewear tinted into the following colors. 

  • Smoke Gray
  • Dusk Blue
  • Sage
  • Golden Amber
  • Desert Rose
  • Ultraviolet
  • Neon Pink
  • Electric Blue

Sunglass Tint

sunglass tint

These tints are usually darker in the shade as they will also be working as a medium of eye protection.

  • The ideal sunglass tints are:
  • Dark Grey 
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Green

How to order Tinted Glasses at YourSpex

Ordering tinted glasses at YourSpex will be easier and more convenient. All you need to do is to 

  • Checkout our collection
  • Select a Frame and a 
  • Choose a color that you want as tint in your eyewear
  • Connect us at +919354529454 to get your order placed

But before anything else, make sure that you know the right frame shape for your face. Still confused? Read our blog The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses for Your Face and place your order today!